Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is Obama Nomination good for Chicago 2016?

I guess it goes without saying and kind of seems like a duh, but Chicago Business has a story stating that if Obama becomes president Chicago's Olympic Bid would get an additional push. Both McCain and Obama said they are in favor of the bid, but naturally Obama (who seems to be loved throughout the world - see his rock star Tour of Europe and the Middle East this summer) would be a better advocate on the world's stage:

"If he was to win, our chances would significantly improve," says U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel, D-Chicago. "With the 76 votes you need, and looking at how they're distributed around the world, his victory would be key."

Obama has appeared on videos for Chicago 2016 and also had a guest appearance at the celebration this summer when Chicago became a candidate city. We've heard a lot about earmarks during this election cycle...how about a couple of billion dollars to update the CTA? Come on President Obama, hook-up your Chicago Brethren!


nick said...

obama or rio at olympics bids for 2016 not rio 2016

Sloopy said...

Nick, your post doesn't make sense...