Monday, October 20, 2008

Grant Park Tower 3 & 4

Thanks to Jeremiah D. for directing us to the latest plans for the prestigious developments along Roosevelt. For those who are not familiar with the plans, Musuem Park one (far left) is almost done and Museum Park Two (second from the left) just started construction this summer. I hope these buildings still are constructed. It would frame the South End of Grant Park beautifully and really be a sign of the South Loops architectural influence on the city.

This article also reports good news about the vitality of the South Loop in a tough economy and marketplace (even though this was prior to the financial issues that hit us in Oct.):

Even with declining Chicago condo sales in many neighborhoods, one section seems to be holding its own and maybe even gaining ground. Central Station is still attracting buyers and Chicago real estate developer Gerald Fogelson of Fogelson Companies is confident enough to move forward with the first of two new towers.


Dad-to-be said...

...which also explains why, when you log on to the MLS search (personally, I'm fond of Dreamtown's site), you'll notice that a ton of owners in 1250 South Indiana have put their units up for sale. I wonder what the all-rental building, Sky55, will do when/if Grant Park Tower 4 ever goes up.

Sloopy said...

Yeah, I just looked at MLS and it looks like there are 8 properties for sale in 1250 S. Indiana.