Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chicago 2016 in the Lead

From what I’ve read, we shouldn’t get too excited since the IOC members are a fickle bunch. Anyway, here is the article that was in Around the Rings. Here are the rankings according to an online bookmaker:

Online bookmaker says Chicago is on the money as 4/5 favorites followed by Tokyo at 9/4, Rio 9/2 and Madrid 13/2 – and similar odds are being offered by bookmakers around the globe. But gamblers are warned, IOC members are an unpredictable bunch and odds makers have been wrong for the past three consecutive bids including 2010, 2012 and 2014.

The next major deadline is February 12th, 2009 when the candidate cities submit there final plans.


Unknown said...

I have to wonder what impact are next president will have on the IOC. While both candidates support Chicago's bid, Mccain's extension of republican foreign policy will surely hurt Chicago's chances for obvious reasons. On the other hand, Obama lives only a few blocks from many of the proposed venues and a great deal of his Chicago advisors and friends will follow him to the white house if he were to win the election. An Obama presidency would certainly not hurt Chicago's bid.

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