Tuesday, March 2, 2021

City's Speed Camera Program Reinstated ; Where are the Sloop's Cameras?

You may have heard that the city is restarting the "speeding camera" initiative as a way to generate some of the lost revenue brought on by Covid-19.  So what does that mean for us in the Sloop?  It appears there is only one camera in the immediate neighborhood, but it's unclear if that will be "turned off" given this statement in the Chicago Tribune:

With new, more strict rules for Chicago speed cameras, a driver can get ticketed for going 6 mph over the limit.

In the first week of the grace period that started in January, 52,498 warning notices were sent out, according to the Finance Department. The change could be lucrative for the city, according to a Tribune report.

There are 140 cameras across the city tracking vehicle speeds, according to city Department of Transportation spokesman Michael Claffey. Those cameras are in safety zones near schools and parks. There are 21 cameras in high school speed zones that will still be shut off, Claffey said.

You can see a zoomed in screenshot of our neighborhood below:

You can play around with the interactive map at this link.  The one "Sloop" camera is by Jones College Prep High School - so will that be shut off?  Does anyone know?

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