Friday, March 5, 2021

Motor Row Brewery Closes Down, but Makes Way for Duneyrr at 2337 S. Michigan

Sorry to read this story, but maybe a new flower will grow (via Chicago Tribune):

Motor Row Brewing is no more, felled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In its place will be ambitious twin brewing concepts: Duneyrr, whose arcane name reflects its arcane pursuit of creating wild ales and beer-wine hybrids, and Moderne Dune, which will tread a far more accessible path with a focus on lagers and IPAs.

The new concepts, at 2337 S. Michigan Ave. in the South Loop, will be run by veteran Lagunitas brewer Tyler Davis and his partner Katie O’Hern, who helped run the Chicago taprooms for Lagunitas and Ballast Point.

Duneyrr (pronounced “dune-yer”) has had small amounts of beer in the market since September, contract brewed at Motor Row. Moderne Dune has yet to launch.

As Duneyrr began brewing at Motor Row last summer, Motor Row’s business had become paralyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Duneyrr eventually negotiated to take over the operation, buying the brewing equipment and leasing the space from Motor Row founder Bob Lassandrello.

We were very bullish on Motor Row Brewery and thought it could provide a shot in the arm for the much discussed "entertainment district".  Actually we first posted about this back in 2011 and at the time the brewery was going to be called Broad Shoulders Brewery

If you want a trip down memory lane go read that post from 2011 (and about how Cheap Trick was going to open a concert venue down on Michigan Ave).  To be fair, Michigan Avenue south of Cermak has evolved and seems to be heading towards the vision that was discussed.  But it still has a ways to go.

Regardless, thanks to the crew at Motor Row Brewing for pushing the neighborhood forward and looking forward to a time when we can enjoy some brew with friends at Duneyrr.

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