Friday, March 26, 2021

What the Headline?!?!?
"Lollapalooza 'Zombie' Attacker Rises From the Undead to Attack Cops in South Loop"

While this probably isn't a super interesting story to most of you, the headline certainly caught our attention:

Lollapalooza “zombie” attacker rises from the undead to attack cops in South Loop

We had no idea what was in store after seeing this headline, so if you're curious keep on reading (via CBW):

The infamous Lollapalooza “zombie” who earned 15 minutes in the spotlight by biting a complete stranger at the annual music festival in 2014 has apparently signed up for an extra couple of minutes of fame.

Prosecutors say the zombie — his actual name is Sergio Vicenteno — tackled a Chicago police officer who had a gun drawn while investigating a burglary in progress in the South Loop.

And Vicenteno won’t be biting anyone for a while — the cops broke his jaw.

Officers responded to multiple calls of a man trying to break into apartments on the 15th floor of a high-rise in the 1400 block of South Michigan around 10 p.m. Monday. According to dispatch records, one caller told a 911 operator that she thought the man was going to get into her apartment and attack her.

There is some more on the story and the 2014 incident at the link if you want to go deeper.  We were hoping for something a little more with a headline like that, but what can we say we're a sucker for some good words.

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