Friday, February 26, 2021

The Columbia Chronicle Talks to Students About Pauly's Pizzeria Closing

We recently posted about Pauly's Pizzeria closing after a 20 year run on State Street.  The Columbia Chronicle recently had an article talking about it's role with its students:

As of Monday, Feb. 15, Pauly’s Pizza, 719 S. State St., is closed permanently, leaving frequenting students saddened with the unexpected closure.

Pauly’s, a local South Loop pizza hot spot, was more than just a restaurant for Columbia students. It was admired for its large portions, cheap prices and quality food.

“I will speak of Pauly’s Pizza for the rest of my life,” said Thurston Stevenson, a senior comedy writing and performance major. “I’m grateful for the memories and the food that I got there while I could; it will live on in my memories forever.”

We understand the sentiment and nostalgia for your favorite college pizza spot closing.  Luckily for these students there are a ton of options close by.  

Was Pauly's much cheaper than say Pat's on Clark street or Art of Pizza a couple retail spots down on State street?  Hopefully it doesn't break the bank for them.

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