Monday, March 29, 2021

Charred Wing Bar Opens Ghost Kitchen in 1150 S. Michigan Burger Bar Location

 We recently stumbled upon a rather innocent story that caught our attention on the Newcity website: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Wings: Charred Wing Bar, South Loop Ups the Game".

What is this you say?  The Sloop bringing some heat on Wings?

Surely there are a bunch of places in the neighborhood that serve wings, so which one is this author referencing. seems like it's one we didn't know exists:

Given the popularity of wings during the year’s biggest football game, it’s no accident that Charred Wing Bar in the South Loop (1150 South Michigan) opened right before Super Bowl Sunday.

Hmmm - we don't recall seeing a new restaurant go up on Michigan avenue, so what gives?  According to the article:

At this ghost restaurant within Burger Bar (with two Chicago locations), chefs John McLean and Martin Murch serve eighteen different preparations of wings, which is around sixteen or seventeen more than I’ve seen offered at places like Buffalo Wild Wings. As the name Charred Wing Bar implies, these wings are not fried, as at other wing-centric restaurants like Wing Stop.

All this wing talk has me hungry and it's only Monday morning - so i guess we'll have to wait to try out this spot.  

Has anyone been yet?  Thoughts you'd like to share? 

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