Monday, March 15, 2021

A Typical Day in the Sloop - A Pizza Review and a Carjacking

Just a bizzaro video on so many fronts - but namely the carjacking:

So many questions and not enough answers.  NBC5 has some additional info but we still are puzzled:
According to Chicago police, a 27-year-old man observed his vehicle on the street within an unknown male offender inside. The victim then flagged down officers in a nearby marked Chicago Police Department squad vehicle, which was seen in the Barstool Sports video.

The offender then accelerated and struck the rear of the squad vehicle before fleeing, police officials added.

As the theft didn't involve force, it was classified as a motor vehicle theft and not a carjacking, according to the Chicago Police Department.

No injuries were reported, and the incident remained under investigation by detectives Saturday.

We actually drove by that spot right around that time as there were about 3 police cars on the scene.  At the time we didn't know much...but just crazy stuff.

Stay safe Sloopsters!

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