Friday, May 1, 2015

Why No Dollar or Thrift Stores in the Sloop?

A reader writes:
Why are there no dollar or thrift stores in the loop or Sloop? There must be a reason because a dollar store would absolutely 'clean up', being the only one. I would think both would do quite well with the college kids. I, myself, am disabled on Social Security, so it would benefit me quite nicely as well. What's up?
We're not intimately familiar with the business model of dollar stores, but would imagine retail real estate costs in the Sloop would make it a hard go for them.  In terms of thrift stores, since some consider that a "trend" that seems more realistic for the neighborhood.  However, it probably would be one of the annoying thrift stores that charges an alarmingly high rate for someone else's garbage.

The only thing we remember hearing on this topic was from a post we did back in January of 2014.  There was some talk about "lower-priced retailers" potentially opening up in the vacant lot just north of Target (1000 S. Clark).

However, that plan has apparently been altered as construction on a new big 29-story rental building is well underway at that space.

Anyone have any thoughts on this topic?  Do you agree, that this would be beneficial for the neighborhood and the business?

(Hat tip:  JP!)

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