Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Former Grace O'Malley's & City Tavern Space Up For Sale or Lease

Mainstay Hospitality, the South Loop based restaurant group, has a lot of things going on.  As we posted about last week the Chicago Firehouse is apparently rebuilding their roof as well as trying to win a lawsuit against the city for their restaurant Park Grill in Millennium Park.  Clearly they most be busy.

So maybe those things are contributing to this picture:

Apparently they're not going to reboot a concept for the space at 1416 S. Michigan (was formerly Grace O'Malley's and most recently City Tavern).

Both bar/restaurants had mixed results.  At times they were excellent, but both seemed to lose their way as time went on.

The building is a really nice building and according to Jameson's website can be yours for $2,850,000.  As you can see by the picture below the remodel for City Tavern was really well done:

While it's cozy, it does feel a little cavernous (especially in the back in the dinning area).

Regardless, it seems like a good opportunity for a new restaurant or bar.  We will eagerly wait and see what happens.

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