Friday, May 8, 2015

Two More Businesses Opening Up in the Sloop: Webpass, Inc. & Restaurant Solutions, Inc.

Wanted to share some news about two new businesses that are coming to the Sloop.

First off, we recently receive an email from Webpass, Inc. (who is an Internet Service Provider) letting us know they are opening up 2130 S. Michigan:
2130 S. Michigan - soon to be occupied by Webpass, Inc. 
We plan to open late this Summer. Ideally we'd move in towards the end of July but it really depends on when construction is completed. 

The reason why they chose the Sloop?
One of them being the location. It's commuter friendly which is important since many of our employees live outside of Chicago proper and we really needed a space that was both industrial and office. Another added benefit was the owners of the building were also able to handle our build out so we were able to bid on the work at the same time we were bidding on the property. We also feel that South Loop in on the rise and we want to be a part of watching the neighborhood unfold and gain additional popularity from residents and businesses.

In other business news, Restaurant Solutions, Inc is apparently opening up at 1811 S. Wabash according to a press release we read:
Restaurant Solutions, Inc. (RSI) will be opening its third office at 1811 S. Wabash Ave. in the redeveloped historical district of the South Loop in downtown Chicago. 
Restaurant Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Littleton, CO with additional offices in Austin, TX, and soon to open Chicago, IL, backed by a solid team of knowledgeable sales representatives interspersed throughout the country. RSI serves over 1,000 independent restaurants across the nation from the Pacific Northwest to the entire East Coast and everywhere in between. 
RSI area of expertise includes but is not limited to: Hospitality Industry Operations, General Accountancy Practice, Federal/State/Local Taxes, Bank Reconciliations, Compliance and Information Technologies. Restaurant Solutions, Inc. enables independent restaurant operators the ability to Focus On Food, Not Finances.

Although you can't buy a beer at these types of businesses, we will still welcome them with open arms - welcome to the Sloop!

(Hat tip:  JB!)

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