Friday, May 29, 2015

New Dunkin Donuts to Move Into Roosevelt El Retail Space

A reader writes:
I noticed the attached today in the window of the former pizza place at the Roosevelt green/orange station this morning. There were a couple of guys in the space as well.

While it may not be the most interesting thing we could dream of, it probably is the most practical business to come into the space.  If you will recall, this space was originally Butterfield Kitchen, which was a local upscale breakfast and lunch space.  While in theory this seemed like a good fit for the neighborhood it probably wasn't the best location for this concept.

After that closed, Bacci Pizza, the popular home of the gigantic slice of pizza, opened up shop but faced a similar fate.

Clearly Dunkin Donuts has a proven business model, so we imagine they will likely succeed in this location.

In other business news that may have been negatively affected by its proximity to this CTA stop, we recently reported that Jersey Mike's closed up shop at 26 E. Roosevelt.  Dennis McClendon commented on the post that a 7-11 is actually taking over the space.  Again, maybe not the most sexy retailer we could dream up, but probably a pretty logical one that will probably do well at this location.

What do you think?  Two proven gigantic companies moving into these locations - good or bad?  Or whatever, this is a stupid thing to be discussing?

(Hat tip:  JB!)

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