Friday, May 22, 2015

Mark for Your Calendar for this Seasons Movies in the Park

Ahhhhhhhhh spring!  With this lovely time of year also comes some lovely outdoor activities.  We'll be doing our best to capture these so you are aware and can take advantage.

First up, it came to our attention that DNAinfo has a lovely interactive map showcasing all the "Movies in the Park".  We'll let you play around with it yourself, but did want to call out the dates and movies for the two parks in the South Loop that will be partaking in the program:
Daniel Webster Park 1357 S. Indiana Ave.
July 21: Paddington
Aug. 11: The Princess Bride 
Chicago Women's Park & Gardens 1801 S. Indiana Ave.
July 28: Big Hero 6
Aug. 27: The Incredibles
We loved The Icredibles and have heard some glowing reviews for Big Hero 6:

Millennium Park also has numerous showings and while it's not in the Sloop it's damn close.

Moral of the story is to mark your calendars and take advantage of these fun events in the parks.

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