Monday, December 8, 2014

Traffic Light Apparently Coming to 14th and Wabash

The three way intersection at 14th st and Wabash is apparently getting a traffic light to replace the stop sign.  While we're not exactly sure why this is happening it's probably a mix of things.  During rush hour and big events things get backed up pretty bad at this intersection.  Couple that with the new high-rise that's being built near this intersection and there will probably be more and more traffic.

If you recall one block north many readers complained about how dangerous that intersection was when it was a stop sign.  As you may remember we had a post about someone being hit at 13th and Wabash.  A stop light was put in back in February of 2013.

While we haven't had any posts about the danger of this intersection, we have seen cars blow through it while failing to apparently see the stop sign.

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