Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tribune Talks to South Loop Fashion Artist, Nick Cave About Being Bold (or Maybe Fearlessness)

We don't know a ton about high fashion (let alone fashion in general), but it's always nice to hear about well regarded, interesting people in the neighborhood.

With that said, artist/fashion guru and South Loop resident Nick Cave was recently profiled in a fun read in the Tribune:
The day outside of Nick Cave's home in the South Loop was so forlorn you felt sorry for it. The sky was the color of mop water; the parking lot across the street — large, empty and evocative of nothing so much as nowhere — was especially drab. Cave did not stand out, either: He wore brown high-tops, a black sweatshirt and, above his sea-captain beard, a dark winter cap. He took a seat at his dining room table and gestured for me to sit. Music from the nail salon on the ground floor of his building wafted faintly into the room. He waited me for to say something and so I said: 
"You're a bold guy." 
"Boldness?" he asked. "I have?" 
"Yeah," I said. "They said you were thinking about it..." 
"Oh," he said, trying to remember. 
"How to be bold," I said, offering help, "how to act boldly, how to dress boldly, how to seize boldly on a good idea. I'm not quite sure why 'boldness.' Perhaps because your work is bold — do you see yourself as bold?" 
"No," he said, thinking. 
"I prefer fearlessness to boldness," he said at last.
If you recall, we've posted about Cave before as he had a pop-up store in Motor Row (23rd and Michigan) back in 2010.  If you're curious here is a mesmerizing youtube video from Cave's Soundsuits at the Denver Art Museum:

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