Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Umai Gets Some Love from Chicago Magazine

Umai (730 S. Clark) instantly got our attention after some good meals, but it's always nice to see local restaurants get some broader citywide attention.  Chicago Magazine recently gave them a shoutout in a post stated "Try These Four New Chicago Sushi Places":
Juno is undoubtedly the big kahuna of new sushi restaurants, but Gari Sushi & Asian Bistro (2020 W. Chicago Ave., 773-486-1118) and Umai (730 S. Clark St., 312-986-8888) have also emerged as solid neighborhood spots. Umai’s dining room has a modern, lofty feel, with high ceilings and a Japanese mural.
The article also goes on to tout Umai's Surf & Turf roll.  Or if you want something local try the Sloopin roll:
Sloopin Roll in the Middle
(Hat tip: VM!)

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