Monday, September 9, 2013

Sloop Dental Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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Sloop Dental (1440 S. Wabash) recently celebrated their one year anniversary and we had the pleasure of exchanging some emails on the topic:
What's your favorite thing that has happened since you opened your practice?  
Sloop Dental (1440 S. Wabash)
Professionally, my favorite thing has been being able to meet so many people in the neighborhood. The South Loop is a very unique area of the city and has an interesting variety of people. Having the opportunity to meet the different kinds of people and learning a little about each person makes the work day a little more interesting and keeps things from being routine. I don’t know where else I would be able to meet doctors, musicians, businessmen/women, professors, lawyers, judges, police officers, firemen, artists, nurses, stay-at home parents, and children all in a day’s work. Personally, it has been the birth of my first child, J.J. (Joseph James) Allen. Being able to see him when I come home from a long day at the office makes any stress from the day go away.

What have you learned?
Being a dentist for the past 6 years I have continued to grow upon my skills learned in school expanding my services from basic general dentistry to include cosmetic dentistry and implant services by completing over 500 hours of continuing education and will be applying for my Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry this year. As a first time business owner over the past year I have learned more than I ever expected. Dealing with the city of Chicago has been interesting to say the least and discovering how much I have to pay in taxes was eye opening.
Politics aside, learning how to be an employer rather than an employee for the first time has been personally rewarding. Discovering the best in people and learning how to use those qualities to benefit the business has been challenging, but I think we have been successful as seen by many of our satisfied patients that compliment us personally or through online reviews on the comfortable environment we have created. As a first time father, I have learned how to do so many things I have never done before like changing diapers, feeding, and putting together a variety of things. Lastly, I have learned how important sleep is.

Has your opinion of the residents and neighborhood had changed?
Seeing continued growth though new business and residents is beginning to change the neighborhood from an area of potential growth to that of an established, successful neighborhood. When discussing the neighborhood with other people from the city the topic of conversation is no longer what will be like in the future, but what is has to offer now. 

One more thing....
We would like to thank everyone who has come into our office and supported Sloop Dental through our first year. The first year of business is said to be the hardest, but with great patients and support from the community has made it easier. 

Finally, here is a video for Sloop Dental

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