Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Crave Cafe & Lounge Open for Business at 1250 S. Michigan

We've received a lot of emails and it appears the Crave Cafe and Lounge has officially opened their doors at 1250 S. Michigan.  Crave will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And while lounge is in their business name, they're still waiting on their liquor license...which should be coming shortly.

We've had a lot of people email us their opinions after trying them out and like most restaurants it appears like the opening days have been inconsistent.

For instance one reader had a very positive experience:
I stopped into Crave yesterday. Sounds like they are tentatively open until 9pm each day...until they can get a liquor license, in which case they'll be open until midnight. I tried one of the coconut brownies (delicious!) and the mac and cheese (with bacon and scallions). It was good enough that I'm going to try them this weekend for brunch. Check it out!

While the next, not so much:
Looks like Crave Cafe and lounge are open. We were walking by and stopped in today (Saturday). They said they had opened on Thursday. There were a couple of customers in there. The experience that we had was pretty rough. The wait for the food was extremely long, the salad leaves were very wilted. The tater tots were supposed to come with a dipping cheese sauce, which was missing, and then when we asked about it, they ended bringing out a couple slices of melted cheddar which is in no way dippable. Also, their service was very subpar (a lot of inexperience). 
The menu does look good, which is what pulled us in to begin with. Hopefully with a little more time, they will get up to speed.

We haven't had a chance to try them out yet, but plan to in the near future.  The menu does look interesting, so we are optimistic.

It's always good to have options in the neighborhood.  Welcome to Crave Cafe and Lounge - we're glad to have you!

PS - Business Counter is updated!

(Hat tip: ES, RK, TJ, JM, KM, CR!)

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