Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Final Sloopin Business Tracker: +25 Businesses Opened

As we bid adieu to 2012, we wanted to wrap up the year with a final post on a new feature we added this year -- our business tracker.

In terms of raw numbers it was a good year.  By our records, there were a net 25 businesses that opened in the neighborhood.  Pretty impressive if you ask us.

One big knock on the neighborhood historically was that we don't have a ton of eating, drinking and "entertainment" options.  While we don't really buy that, 2012 saw some solid additions.

Anyway, here is the final list:

Opened in 2012
1. Brasserie by LM (800 S. Michigan)
2. Lofty Aspirations (1934 S. Wabash)
3. Velvet Lounge (67 E. Cermak)
4. Metropolitan Veterinarian Clinic (1556 S. Michigan)
5. Pet Grooming (1400 S. Michigan)
6. Papa Johns (80 E. Cermak)
7. Cardinal International (71 E. 16th)
8. Put it On (1319 S. Michigan)
9. The Foundry (730 S. Clark)
10. Chicago Whole Wellness Center (1845 S. Michigan)
11. Urban Grocers (State and Polk) 
12. Smoothies (910 S. Michigan)
13. DQ Luxury Relaxation Retreat (910 S. Michigan)
14. Gino's East (521 S. Dearborn)
15. City Tavern (1416 S. Michigan - old Grace O’Malley’s)
16. Five Guys (1146 S. Wabash)
17. Well Future Pharmacy (1442 S. Michigan)
18. Square One (1400 S. Michigan)
19. Alain's (1355 S. Michigan)
20. America’s Dog (1221 S. Wabash)
21. Bottle and Bottega (1241 S. Michigan)
22. Pita Belly (606 S. Wabash)
23. Chicago Health Elements (77 E. 16th)
24. Sloop Dental (1440 S. Michigan)
25. Spa Anjou  (724 S. Dearborn)
26. Artist's Cafe (1150 S. Wabash)
27. Chicago Group Dental (1556, S. Michigan)
28. Annie's Accents (1237 S. Michigan)
29. Chicago Ink & Toner (824 S. Wabash)
30. The Venue (1550 S. State)
31. Karamela Cafe (1250 S. Michigan)
32. Lacuna Fitness (645 S. Clark)
33. Toppers Pizza (2 E. Eighth Street)
34. Cali's Mexican American Grill (2333 S. Michigan)
35. The Bedding Experts (State and Roosevelt)
36. Equilibrium Health + Wellness (1509 S. State)
37. Urban Counter (1221 S. Wabash)
38. Sport Clips (10 E. Harrison)
39. South Loop Market - Prairie (1331 S. Prairie Ave)
40. MJ Nail and Hair Salon (2015 S. Indiana)
41. Hopscotch (Block of 2000 S. Indiana)

Closed in 2012
1. Three Peas Art Lounge (75 E. 16th)
2. Marble Slab Ice Creamery (1241 S. Michigan)
3. House of Sole (1237 S. Michigan)
4. New City Bank (900 S. Michigan)
5. Britten Chicago (1420 S. Michigan)
6. Canady le Chocolatier (824 S. Wabash)
7. Chutney Joe's (511 S. State) 
8. Marcel Florist (1471 S. Michigan)
9. Cartridge World (27 E. Harrison)
10. Printer's Row Rare and Fine Books (715 S. Dearborn)
11. Villains Bar and Grill (649 S. Clark)
12. Alain's (1355 S. Michigan)
13. Custom House Tavern (500 S. Dearborn)
14. H+ Records (730 S. Dearborn)
15. Edwardo's (521 S. Dearborn)
16. America’s Dog (1221 S. Wabash)

We will be continuing to track businesses opening and closing in 2013, so please let us know if you hear or see anything in the new year.


Anonymous said...

American dog closed and something new opened in there spot, I think it is called Urban Corner.

Anonymous said...

Gino's East (Sports Bar) replaced Edwardo's which closed this year and isn't on the list. Good place and sad to see it go.

Anonymous said...

What about the closed shoe store on Halsted by the viaduct. I think it was called "Shoe of Sole".

Anonymous said...

I agree - you can't include Gino's without counting Edwardo's. Improve the list Sloopy!

Sloopy said...

Fair enough. We've added Edwardo's to the closed list.

Dan said...

There's a hair salon and a clothing store that opened at the 2025 S Indiana building that are missing from the list. Not sure what the names are.

Anonymous said...

You also missed the 2 South Loop Market branches that opened... the one on Van Buren and the one on Prarie. These are the same guys filling the Alain's space with the Mediterranean tapas restaurant. You need to give them props, as they've opened more businesses in the Sloop then anyone the last few years.

Anonymous said...

That's great quantification of our momentum as an area. By my count we were +13 in 2011, and there's a good pipeline for 2013 -- so we're likely to have a triple-double. though on the other hand, there are plenty of marginal places on the 2012 list...

Sloopy said...

Ok, so we did some more investigation and confirmed with our eyes and the internet that the following businesses opened in the Sloop in 2012:

South Loop Market - 1331 S. Prairie
MJ Nail and Hair Salon - 2015 S. Indiana
Hopscotch - 2017 S. Indiana

In regard to "Shoe of Sole", we're not sure about that but also don't consider Halsted to be in the Sloop. That's more university village.

In regard to South Loop Market on Van Buren, we consider anything north of Congress out of the Sloop.