Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bottle and Bottega Coming to 1241 S. Michigan

We got some great news yesterday from numerous readers that Bottle and Bottega was opening up a new store at 1241 S. Michigan (which we think is the old Marble Slab Ice Creamery retail spot).
On August 13, 2012, Bottle and Bottega will be expanding to one of Chicago's fastest growing neighborhoods! Formerly a sparsely populated industrial area, the South Loop is now home to a thriving community of young professionals, students of nearby colleges, and Chicago’s former Mayor Richard M. Daley.
We're thrilled to become part of a neighborhood that features notable historical landmarks such as the 1836 Clarke House, one of Chicago’s oldest residences; a diverse dining scene; blues clubs and other nightlife options; and the convenience of the Museum Campus and Loop a short stroll away.
South Loop address: 1241 S. Michigan (corner of Michigan and Roosevelt).
Public events are scheduled to begin on August 13th. Private events can be booked now for after August 20th. STAY TUNED for details on the GRAND OPENING set for August 29th!
While there are a couple of incorrect things we could point out in this email (former Mayor Daley sold his place...), the reality is that we are ecstatic that they've chosen to open up in the Sloop.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the Bottle and Bottega concept, here is a quick synopsis from their website:
Bottle and Bottega, founded in March 2009, is a fun, unique alternative to a typical night out with friends, corporate groups, and for special events. “Our vision is for guests to walk into our studios or our partner venues and feel like they’re having a party in their living room,” says Stephanie King-Myers, President/COO and Co-Owner. 
The unique approach, which combines various forms of hands-on art instruction with a glass of wine, has helped create lasting memories for Bottle & Bottega guests since 2009.

Still confused?  It's essentially an art studio where anyone can come in, learn how to pain and enjoy some drinks while they do it. 

The best part about them opening up a shop on South Michigan, is that it's a brand new concept in the neighborhood.  Yes, there are plenty of places to drink and eat, but drink and paint?  That's something new the Sloop doesn't have.

(Hat tip:  AD, BM, JJ & KM!)


colie said...

Very excited for this addition.

Chris said...

Something good and different filling up space is always welcome. With the movement were seeing with new businesses opening and space filling up(finally) parking is really going to start being an issue in the area between roosevelt down to 16th street both on wabash and michigan. I believe the original plan for the current parking lot on the northwest corner of 14th and michigan was a 7 story parking garage. Anybody know if this is still possible or the plans for that lot and the empty lots on wabash between 13th and 14th where that foundation was put in long ago? Anything but more highrises going in there eventually would be nice.

TS said...

Street Parking is already becoming in the area you describe. A year ago my gf could find a spot easily on 14th place bt wabash and state. Now they are especially hard to come by. I believe also that residential buildings are increasingly getting more dense. The number of available units for sale in the area is way down and sales are up (6 months ago there was a 6-7 month supply of properties- now there is less than a 4 month supply - from urbanrealestate.com) Additionally, many condo buildings that used to try to sell are now renting out units. The greater density of residential and commercial occupancy are reinforcing one another- this is a good sign for the overall health of the community, but it does make parking suck!

Anonymous said...

I never understand when people on this blog complain about parking when they've chosen to live this close to downtown.

Chris said...

There is a difference between complaining and addressing an issue...I never understood people taking the time to make worthless comments. You clearly having nothing to add to this blog.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing our story! I will be managing the new location and on behalf of myself and the B&B team we are thrilled to join the neighborhood! Please feel free to email me with any questions at Josh@bottleandbottega.com

See ya in the South Loop!