Friday, December 21, 2012

Sloopin Top Ten of 2012: #9 - Sprout Playroom Now Sod Room

2012 is almost over and with that we fired up our google analytics account to see which stories had the most views during the year.  With that said, we will be counting down our top ten stories of 2012 starting today.

#9:  Sprout Playroom Is Now Called Sod Room and Working on Opening Soon
At the end of January, we noticed a sign appear on the second floor of the retail portion of the Marquee high-rise at 1464 S. Michigan.  The sign was for Sprout playroom and was shooting for an opening of Spring 2012.

That didn't happen.

But don't fret.  Last we heard was that they changed their name to Sod Room based on a message board thread in October.  This appears to be true and their is even a Facebook page devoted to Sod Room.  We snagged the picture above from this page and also found out that they're going through their final round of inspections (according to a facebook interaction in mid-November).

Looks good and hopefully it will be included in our 2013 business counter!

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