Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well Future Pharmacy is Open and Ready to Serve the Sloop

Back in the beginning of June we posted about a new pharmacy opening up shop at 1442 S. Michigan.  At the time we didn't know much about the spot, but were curious as to what they would offer that was different than the chains in the area.

Well according to their Facebook page, Well Future Pharmacy (1442 S. Michigan) is officially open for business and ready to serve the South Loop:
Ready, set, here we go! It's opening day !!!! Doors will open at 10am. We are greatful to have so much support from our friends and family !! Thank you all !!
Congrats to them on a quick opening.  We know it's not easy, so glad to see that everything went relatively smoothly.

So the big question on our mind was what makes them different and why should we go to Well Future Pharmacy instead of a big chain.  According to Kushal Patel, the owner and South Loop resident, their goal is to cater to the needs of the neighborhood.  The shop is set up to be flexible and work with residents to fulfill their needs.    

Prime examples include flavoring for children's medicine as well as altering the state of medicine to best suit a customers needs.  For instance if a person has issues with pills they could convert the medicine to liquid form for free.  They also will offer delivery service (free), disposal of medicines (free) and a $4 drug list.

Congrats to Well Future Pharmacy and welcome to the neighborhood!


Serge said...

Never shopped in a non-chain pharmacy. So main question is whether they accept insurance plans like Blue Cross Blue Shield? If so I'm happy to shop local.

Well Future Pharmacy said...

We will be taking all insurance plans. Copays will either be the same or less then what you pay now.
Since we are a small local pharmacy, it takes us a little longer to contract with all the insurances. Right now we are contracted with all except for Medco and Public Aid. We hope to have those within the next few weeks. Please call me if you have any questions at 312-589-7620.


Broomy said...

The level of service and knowledge you can obtain from a small, local pharmacy is a different experience than most of us are used to. We really don't know anything but the Walgreens, CVS, and Osco pharmacies these days. I urge anyone out there to give it a try, when one opened in my hometown, I went in there once and never looked back.

TS said...

Update the business counter! :-)

Square One should be next for an Aug 1 open and then Alain's on Aug 3

Anyone know anything about Karamela?

Chris said...

I will be a customer, I hope the business succeeds. I think it will be tough getting people away from walgreens since many people have never gone anywhere else for their meds.

Anonymous said...

I have always received great service from Walgreens(also very convenient if you are traveling). Walgreens has been located in the neighborhood for years--doesn't that make them 'local'?