Friday, April 29, 2016

Demolition of South Loop Storage (1601 S. Federal) Begins

Looks like the demolition of South Loop Storage is underway judging by the picture a reader sent:

As a reminder back in February, we had a post on the subject.  At the time, there was a rumor that CVS was going to be the tenant (which seemed to be accurate according to some of the comments in the post).

Anyone have any new info?

(Hat tip:  EQ!)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Chicago Kernel Closes at 511 S. State

A reader writes:
Saw this in window.

We actually never stepped foot into this place when it opened in 2013 and frankly were uncertain if there was a market in the Sloop for popcorn (outside of Garrett's potentially).  Anyway, it seems like this building is ripe for restaurants given the amount of students in the neighborhood and area.

Hopefully something better pops up!

(Hat tip: CD!)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

PDNA Planning Beer and Cider Festival for August

Looks like a new (and fun) event is being planned for August (DNAinfo):
The South Loop, a neighborhood teeming with new breweries, has a new beer festival on tap.  
The South Loop Beer and Cider Festival will debut Aug. 6 at Chicago Women's Park & Gardens, 1801 S. Indiana Ave. Many details are still being worked out, but about 40 breweries are expected to pour samples, said Tina Feldstein of the Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance.  
The festival is the latest addition to the South Loop, where brewers including Vice District, Motor Row, and Baderbrau have popped up in recent years.

This one sounds like it could be a good time!

(Hat tip:  JB!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jahn High-Rise at 1000 S. Michigan Gets Green Light from Planning Commission

In case you missed this last week, looks like this high-profile high-rise is pretty close to moving forward (via Curbed Chicago):
The Helmut Jahn designed 73-story tower proposed for 1000 South Michigan is one step closer to construction after approval from the Chicago Plan Commission yesterday. The proposal by New York-based JK Equities and Time Equities is essentially the same concept that was presented to neighbors in a community meeting at the end of February, featuring 506 units split between rental apartments in the lower floors and for-sale condominiums in the upper floors of the tower. The building design begins with a rectilinear footprint at ground level, but flairs outward as it rises, eventually taking on a more trapezoidal form towards the top, which features a private outdoor amenity deck for the future condo dwellers. 
The planned development boundary covers not only the present surface parking lot at 1000 South Michigan Avenue, but also the neighboring eight-story building at 1006 South Michigan. It is over this neighboring building that the tower extends outward, similar to an earlier Jahn-designed project at 600 North Fairbanks in Streeterville. In doing so, the development team is making more space available to sell on the higher-priced upper floors while crafting a unique shape for the building. The tower will anchor the southern end of the Historic Michigan Avenue Boulevard District, a landmark district protecting the historic streetwall of facades extending northward from this block towards Randolph Street. While the site is empty and does not presently contribute to the streetwall, the location required negotiations with the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and ultimately resulted in the shortening of the tower's height from an initial 1030 feet to a current proposal topping out at 832 feet.
It's a pretty detailed post by Curbed and frankly gets into very granular development reporting.  But it does provide with some good info at the bottom regarding retail and construction start date:
The building will feature 2,700 square feet of ground floor commercial space and will have 13,000 square feet of green roof. A sales center is expected to open by this summer in the neighboring building at 1006 South Michigan while construction is planned to begin in 2017.

Monday, April 25, 2016

"The Future of the Fourth Ward" Event Happening Tonight

4th Ward Alderman Burns recently resigned.  While the 4th Ward encompasses more than the Sloop, figured it might be interesting for Sloopsters to hear about the event below.

A reader writes:
Hi! I am attaching a flyer to this email about an event that will be of interest to your readers in the Fourth Ward - which now extends as far north as Jackson. The alderman of the ward resigned, and although there is an interim alderman who was appointed by the mayor, a bunch of residents are getting together to talk about what the priorities for the ward should be. We are having a series of ongoing planning meetings, and the next one is this Monday, April 25, at Room 43, 1043 E. 43rd St., 7-9 p.m.
(Hat tip:  GP!)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Wabash Arts Corridor Launching New Series Called "Big Walls"

If you read this here blog, you know we love the Wabash Arts Corridor.  Well they're upping their game again and are hosting a new two week long event dubbed "Big Walls":
Columbia College Chicago and WAC proudly announce a new initiative that will transform Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood into a bustling hub for public art. 
Starting May 1-13th, WAC Big Walls has partnered with local galleries and sponsors to bring twenty local and internationally renowned street artists to the corridor to create large-scale mural installations. 
During the two weeks, Big Walls will hold a celebration of street art, showcasing the diversity of artistic styles emerging in this vibrant art form. There will be guided tours and audiences will experience the creative process live as street artists revamp and reimagine the walls of Chicago’s Wabash Arts Corridor neighborhood.

Should be fun.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

NFL Draft Street Closures Underway

The NFL Draft festivities are about a week away, but that isn't stopping some of the inconveniences associated with it from happening.  Street closures are already underway as they prep for the big event (via ChicagoTribune):

  • Michigan Avenue from Jackson to Balbo will close Thursday, April 28 and Friday, April 29 from 3 to 8 p.m. 
  • Columbus from Jackson to Balbo will close Thursday, April 21 from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Friday, April 22, and again from 8 p.m. on Friday, April 22 through Monday, May 2. 
  • Congress from Michigan to Columbus will be closed to traffic and pedestrians Friday, April 22 through Monday, May 2. 
  • Congress from Wabash to Michigan will close from 3 to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 28, as well as at 3 p.m. on Friday, April 29, and should reopen later than evening.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Old St. Mary's New Parish Center to Open May 6th

Old St. Mary's New Parish Ground Breaking Ceremony
A reader writes:
Just wanted to alert you that Old St. Mary’s new parish center is open to the community starting May 6 with a dedication.
The press release we received had some additional info we found interesting:
The Church was founded in 1833 and in 2002 the parish community proudly dedicated their new church on South Michigan Avenue. But the parish wasn’t done yet. It became clear that there would be a need for an educational ministry as the demand for a quality Catholic education in the South Loop and Loop as a whole was strong. Today, there is a growing group of young families in the parish and within the community that are committed to living in the city who have personally experienced or know the value of Catholic education and want to give this experience to their children.  
The Church’s journey timeline includes the following milestones: 
  • May 6, 2016 marks the completion of the vision for the Church: the dedication and formal opening of the Parish Center. The 17,000 square foot Parish Center addresses the needs of the growing parish including a space for workshops, pastoral meetings and parish committee meetings as well as a gymnasium to serve the school for athletic programs and performing arts. 
  • In 2004 Old St. Mary’s School opened its doors to its first preschool class of 18 children – the “new” school was housed in a 100-year-old revamped furniture warehouse adjacent to the parish offices. 
  • In 2011, a brand-new Old St. Mary’s School opened with more than 200 students -- now more than double that are enrolled in preschool through 8 th grade. 

The dedication is open to the public and begins at 2:00 p.m. Central on Friday, May 6, 2016 at 1500 South Michigan Avenue.

Also for some additional background we posted on this topic back in May of 2015.

(Hat tip: AB!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tribune and DNAinfo Look at Homelessness in Large Vacant Lots in the South Loop

Two local news sites had separate pieces taking a look at the homeless encampments in Chicago.

Some of the large swaths of lands in the South Loop provide ideal areas (via ChicagoTribune):
A diverse community lives in the South Loop — with riverfront property just blocks from glitzy shopping districts. The residents know their neighbors, and they look out for one another.
This might sound like an idyllic place to live. But I am describing a homeless encampment, one of several where scores of people survive in tents, under bridges, in makeshift shacks and in concrete pipes, even in the dead of winter. Where violence, theft, drug abuse and disease are also a part of daily life.
For six months photojournalist Lloyd DeGrane and I have visited with the residents of these encampments in a swath of open land south of Roosevelt Road and on the banks of the Chicago River farther north, as well as below highway underpasses in the Pilsen neighborhood and under viaducts on the North Side lakefront.
Our work is part of the Social Justice News Nexus ( at the Medill journalism school at Northwestern University, a fellowship program for in-depth reporting on a suite of topics — drug policy and treatment, mental health and housing — that intersect in the homeless encampments of Chicago.

The Tribune piece includes 10 photos with interesting stories about some of the people who reside in the huge vacant piece of land south of Roosevelt and east of the Chicago River:

Kent of Chinatown
Kent, seen here on Nov. 21, 2015, says he has lived in the fields north of Chinatown for 18 years. He cooks over a fire, sings Chinese ballads with homeless Mexican men and heads into Chinatown to go to church or the library. He knows everyone in these encampments north of 18th Street and east of the Chicago River. Many consider him a father figure.

DNAinfo is the other site who had an article about the area.  Although it isn't as altruistic as the Tribune article, it does provide a quick look at this shifting dynamic as more developments come to the Sloop (via DNAinfo):
A big development has displaced Downtown's "tent city," but some of the homeless living there have moved just south to a tract of land once owned by disgraced developer Tony Rezko.  
A handful of tents have sprouted this month at the riverfront site just south of Roosevelt Road after a developer cleared out an old encampment near the Old Main Post Office. The new, smaller tent city is farther away from the Loop than the old one, but also quieter, residents say.
(Hat tip:  ND & KD!)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Rahm Proposes Tearing Down McCormick Lakeside Building and Replacing with Lucas Museum

A bold move (via ChicagoTribune):
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is making a last-ditch push to keep George Lucas' museum in Chicago, a plan that relies on tearing down McCormick Place's aging lakefront convention hall but risks running into the same legal hurdles that allowed park preservationists to tie up the mayor's first attempt.  
The plan, which was coming into focus Friday, has the backing of the Star Wars creator, who wants to build a museum along the city's picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline showcasing his art and film collection. Left unclear by the Emanuel administration is how the city would replace the lost convention center space, how much that would cost and who would pay for it.
There are a lot of questions that this poses, but as a concept we REALLY like this idea.  Should be interesting to see if this helps quell the critics.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Baderbräu Brewery Planning on Memorial Day Weekend Opening

Image via DNAinfo
Beer drinkers get excited (via DNAinfo):
Baderbräu Brewery is returning to Chicago, and just in time for summer. 
Te once defunct brewer will open its new South Loop tap room next month, with plans for a grand opening "block party" May 29, its owners told neighbors last week. 
The opening will culminate a long, strange trip back to Chicago for Baderbräu, whose maker went bankrupt in 1997 and whose pilsner had previously been out of production for years. The new brewery and tap room coming to 2515 S. Wabash Ave. had been expected to open last year before getting caught in delays.
While some may debate whether this is in the Sloop or not, we're giving them the benefit of the doubt (mostly because we like beer). Baderbräu joins Motor Row Brewing (2337 S. Michigan) and Vice District Brewing (1454 S. Michigan).

Looking forward to trying them out!

(Hat tip:  A!)

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Armand Pizza Opening at Old City Tavern Space on South Michigan

A reader writes:
Looks like Armand Pizza opening in old City Tavern spot.

We've never heard of this place but according to their website they have a decent amount of places:
In 1956 childhood friends Michael Caringella and Armand Christopher purchased the Victory Tap in Elmwood Park. Mike worked at his families butcher shop on Taylor Street and Armand was a successful artist.  
 They incorporated both of these things into their new venture. Mike bringing his experience and family recipes into the kitchen where he created many of the famous items on Armand’s menu and Armand exhibiting his original artwork in the main dining room.  
 The name of the establishment was decided by a coin toss, the winner was Mike and he decided to name the place Armand’s Victory Tap. 
 The concept flourished selling thousands of Mike’s signature thin crust pizzas weekly. Customers could watch from Grand Avenue as the Pizza’s were hand tossed and put into one of the only giant revolving pizza ovens in Chicago.  
 Over the years Armand’s Victory Tap became Armand’s Pizzeria and Mike and his family sold millions of pizzas as well as other signature items such as Stuffed Artichokes, Baked Clams and Antipasto Salad. Armand’s Pizzeria continues to grow and is expanding throughout Chicago and suburbs.

Sounds interesting and like a good addition to the neighborhood.  Had anyone had Armand's?  Good?

(Hat tip:  LE!)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

City Puts June 1st Sale Deadline On Current Owner of Old Post Office

Looks like the city trying to move the development process forward on the Old Post Office (via Chicago Tribune - behind paywall):
The sale and redevelopment of the vacant and decaying post office that looms over the western entrance to downtown Chicago has been given a timetable by the city.
The tentative deal between the property's interested buyer and the city establishes a "strict timeline" for a sale and plan to redevelop the old main post office, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said in a press release on Tuesday.

The specifics are:
Last month, the British owner of the building straddling Congress Parkway struck a deal to sell the property to a New York-based investment group, 601W Cos., for an undisclosed amount. 601 could not be reached for immediate comment late Tuesday afternoon.
"The buyer appears to be an experienced commercial property owner with the expertise and financial capacity to meet our goals for the building, so we're providing strict terms and conditions for a purchase to close in a timely fashion and a redevelopment plan that's satisfactory to the city," Emanuel said.
The tentative settlement includes a deadline of June 1, 2016, for the buyer to complete the purchase of the 2.5 million-square-foot structure and adjacent properties currently owned by British developer Bill Davies' International Property Developers North America. The city said it would also require approval of a formal redevelopment plan, including a budget, economic disclosures, financing arrangements, uses, site plans, and a timeline to fix the "numerous structural, safety and hazardous conditions that have led to more than more than 20 building code citations since 2012."
If 601W misses the June 1 deadline, the city said it will again seek proposals to redevelop the property, and restart the process to acquire the property, which could also involve the selection of a new developer.

We're not holding our breath, but hopefully this is the type of pressure that gets the deal done.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Old Navy Joining LensCrafters, Mago Grill & Cantina and Nando's as Newest Class of Retail at Roosevelt Collection

We recently received a press release from Roosevelt Collection updating us on some upcoming openings.  We've covered some of them, but the Old Navy is new news to us:
Old Navy is projected to open a two-story, 15,700+ square-foot shop in late Fall 2016. The popular brand’s first South Loop storefront will be centrally located on the east side of the plaza.

LensCrafters’ 4,000 square-foot store will open on the west plaza level of the Collection in Spring 2016.

Mago Grill & Cantina will occupy 8,600 square feet of The Restaurants at Roosevelt Collection at the north end of the plaza. Its first outlet in the City of Chicago, construction of the upscale restaurant is already underway and opening is anticipated in May.  
Nando’s PERi-PERi will also join The Restaurants at Roosevelt Collection at the north end of the plaza with a 3,800 square-foot outlet. Expected to open in Summer 2016, this will be the first South Loop location for the fast casual eatery, renowned for its unique Peri-Peri sauce.

We recently posted about the Nando's update (back in March of 2016), LensCrafters (back in February of 2016) and Mago Grill (way back in Nov of 2014).  Honestly, we thought Mago Grill wasn't happening given how long it's been since the signs went up.

We are excited about these openings, but will believe it when we see it.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hackney's/Flaco's Owners to Open Ice Cream Shop in Printers Row?

A reader writes:
The brothers who own Flaco's Tacos and Hackney's on S. Dearborn b/t Polk & Harrison have acquired Castle Keepers, the real estate office that was in between the two businesses, and say they're putting in an ice cream shop. Don't know the timetable, but will keep you posted.
Seems like an amazing addition to Printer's Row.  And given the track record of Hackney's and Flaco's, we are optimistic.

Standalone ice cream shops in the Sloop have been elusive.  Back in February of 2012, Marble Slab Ice Creamery closed up shop at 1241 S. Michigan.  Outside of that, you can get Ice Cream in the neighborhood, but tends to be as a dessert at a restaurant or a secondary offering.

The closest we have would be Baskin Robins (1231 S. Wabash).  Or you could get Gelato at Little Branch (1251 S. Prairie), Artist's Cafe (1150 S. Wabash), Stan's Donuts (26 E. Roosevelt) or frozen yogurt at Chicago Kernel (511 S. State).  Obviously there are more, but these stand out.

So what do you think?  Will they succeed?

(Hat Tip:  MM!)

Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Two More Developments Unveiled at 3rd Ward Town Hall Meeting Last Night

Thanks again to David Matthews at DNAinfo for live tweeting the 3rd ward town hall meeting last night. more huge developments:

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Community Members Voice Concerns about Crescent Heights High-Rise at Roosevelt/Indiana

Last Monday we posted about a community meeting discussing the impending Crescent Heights huge high-rise at Roosevelt and Indiana.  We received some comments and emails from readers who wanted their concerns heard.

Based on their petition website, they outline some keys issues they have;
We feel that we are part of what South Loop has become: the vibrant community, the place to live and invest. The well-being of this community is also in the best interest of the City, Crescent Heights and any other party willing to invest into this neighborhood. 
Among multiple identified issues, the most impacting are: 
1. Height of the base. 17th floor base (connection between two towers) is not compatible with the original plan and height of other decks/sky parks. This base structure is to be multi-floor garage which can be implemented as underground construction (just as surrounding towers) 
2. Wall separating South Loop. The two massive towers with 17th floor connector effectively create a wall separating our neighborhood from the park. The north and west sides of the park have a variety of buildings with visual access to the park. The south side of the park is now to become an impenetrable wall of 4 tall and thick towers. 
3. Traffic. Both towers are planned to have more than 1200 new garage spots total. This will add into already overcrowded South Loop traffic. With the building being mostly apartments there could be a lower parking space ratio and fewer spots. That would mitigate the traffic problems and enable a shorter base. 
4. Potential impact on value of existing properties. Both towers add substantial supply of units to South Loop market. This issue in conjunction with creating the wall separating South Loop from the park would have a negative impact on the value of existing properties.

Points 1-3 seem reasonable.

But they lost us on point 4.  While we understand that residents care about the value of their homes, it seems unrealistic to think a private company needs to be concerned about the value of others real estate properties.  If the company thinks there is demand, they should have the right to proceed as they deem fit.  Right?

(Hat tip:  LH!)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Looks Like Ground Has Broken at 600 S. Wells Site

A reader writes:
Construction activity continues to be on the upswing in the Sloop, including in the long-dormant field north of River City (this was taken from across the street yesterday/Thursday). Looks like the Grand
Central Station concrete platforms are being broken up. Jersey barriers have replaced the fence along the west side of Wells. Also, up until a few days ago there had been a tent on the far left on the grass near the trees by the Chicago River but my guess is that the inhabitants were asked to leave.

As you probably recall, this is slated to be one part of the massive "Riverline" development we've spent a decent amount of time covering (see post from late 2015):

(Hat tip: KD & EH!)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Was the Deal With the Helicopters Yesterday?

A reader writes:
Does anybody know what these large helicopters were for? Spotted around 4:30 pm on 4/4, flew in from the north, landed in McCormick parking lot for about 10 minutes, and then flew back north. The 3 large ones said United States Marine Corps.

Not sure what this is for, but in the past President Obama took Marine One to Northerly Island to avoid traffic (and avoid shutting down the highways).

(Hat tip:  JW!)

Monday, April 4, 2016

"Pocket Park" Coming to 2099 S. Prairie Ave.

Apparently a new park is coming to Prairie Ave.  A reader writes (via
A new park on the Near South Side will be financed through a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) plan approved today (February, 10th 2016)  by City Council.  
TIF assistance in the amount of $2 million will enable the construction of a half-acre "pocket park" by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority (MPEA) at 2099 S. Prairie Ave.  
Intended for use by area residents and visitors, the park will include a playground, water play area, a fenced dog area, and a plaza with seating. To be financed entirely by TIF, the park is part of the "Elevate Chicago" expansion initiative involving MPEA and other properties around the McCormick Place convention center.

(Hat tip:  CD!)

Boring Samples for Essex Inn Expansion Mean Construction Coming Soon?

A reader writes:
Boring samples for Essex hotel addition?

Here is a post we recently did on the Essex Inn plans if you need the background.

(Hat tip:  WM!)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Overflow Coffee Celebrates 5 Years in the Sloop - Throwing a Party Tonight!

Congrats to Overflow Coffee on their 5 year anniversary.  Join them tonight for their party - click here for more details:

Alderman Dowell Weighs in on South Loop Safety

An important email from Alderman Dowell (3rd Ward) about South Loop public safety:
I wanted to reach out to you about the shots fired on March 22nd at 2001 S. Michigan Avenue. Like you, I am very concerned about the safety of South Loop residents and am working with the Chicago Police Department, community organizations and the management of the 2001 S. Michigan Avenue building to address the issue. First off, I would like to invite you to my upcoming Town Hall meeting on April 7th at 6:00 pm at Daystar School (1550 S. State) as the 1st District Police Commander will be in attendance to discuss public safety issues in the South Loop. 
As you know, on March 22nd a report of shots fired was entered at 2001 S. Michigan Avenue. The 1st District Police Department responded quickly to the incident and was able to apprehend one of the two suspects and recover a weapon. The suspect in custody is from the west side and traveled to the South Loop neighborhood where the shots occurred. I commend the excellent work done by the 1st District to deploy resources and immediately and effectively respond to the issue. Protecting our city's residents is crucial, but there is no way to restrict the free movement of individuals across the city. 
As for your issues with Long Grove House at 2001 S. Michigan Avenue, the building and its residents have been part of the South Loop since 1971 and the overwhelming majority of building residents are valued, upstanding members of the community. I strongly believe in promoting economic and demographic diversity within all of the neighborhoods in the 3rd Ward and Long Grove House, along with dozens of other similar properties across the Ward, help ensure that residents regardless of race or socio-economic level can have access to the neighborhood of their choosing. Furthermore, I want to make it clear that not all incidents in the southern edge of the South Loop are related to the building at 2001 S. Michigan Avenue and tying all of the public safety problems in the neighborhood to Long Grove House is unproductive. 
Residents of the Long Grove House go through an extensive screening process by Habitat - the building management company - before they are permitted to live in the building. This includes barring all prospective residents who have current felonies and certain misdemeanors. No prospective tenant can move into the building with any history of violent crime and starting this summer Habitat is implementing an annual screening in which they will run background checks on all residents 18 and older. 
Additionally, if residents break any of the covenants of their lease or of the Housing Choice Voucher program (if they are receiving HCV assistance), they can lose not only their lease but their Housing Choice Voucher permanently. I can assure you my office, the 1st District Police and building management are actively enforcing tenant regulations including the removal of tenants who are in violation of their lease. According to Habitat, since 2014 (including yesterday's incident), Long Grove House has had five incidents that required the involvement of the Chicago Police Department. Of the four previous incidents, two resulted in either an eviction or the person moving from the building. In the other two prior cases, residents were either considered victims or not enough evidence was available to take further action. Evicting tenants is a very difficult process but should evictions be warranted based on the evidence gathered by the police or building management, they have been and will be ordered. Habitat also contracts security for the building who are hired to walk the premises and report incidents. This information is used in processing lease violations or if requested by the police department as part of an investigation. 
Please know that my office takes this very seriously and I have long advocated for additional police on the streets. On that note, as a South Loop resident please attend your local CAPS meetings. They are the best way to get your voice heard by the Chicago Police Department. Your local beat meeting information can be found at Additionally, if you have any ideas to help address neighborhood safety, like creating a neighborhood watch, please let me know. My office can assist you in your organizing efforts. Residents like you can have a huge impact on the overall safety of the community. 
Thank you for reaching out. My office will continue to work with community residents, the police, property managers and businesses to make the 3rd Ward the best place to live in the City.
Pat Dowell Alderman
3rd Ward

(Hat tip: KK!)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Demand Seems High for Condos in the Sloop

A reader writes:
Random thought/information but just noticed on 1345 S Wabash website, they only have 2 units left out of 144 units. The reason this is nuts is because the building was complete and ready for move in May 1, 2015. Less than 1 year open and 98.6% sold! Pretty impressive! Think that says a lot about demand in the SLOOP and just condos in general. I hope the south loop opens another condo (apartments are too ubiquitous in the area), I'll buy one!
Always like to see demand high for our hood.  Here is a post we did about this development back in April of 2014.

(Hat tip:  JL!)