Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bikram Yoga South Loop Begins Construction at Dearborn Station

We had some posts about Bikram Yoga at the beginning of the year, but haven't heard much since then. Well today that changed. We received numerous emails from various sources letting us know that:
Bikram Yoga South Loop has commenced construction in Dearborn Station (see attached pic). We aspire to open in February 2011. Will update again when newsworthiness prompts.

As you may remember they were getting ready to open at 1925 S. Michigan. It seems like they decided to move further up North in the neighborhood. For more info check out their twitter feed or website.

Good luck to them!

(Hat Tip: Nat Dog, JM, MG)

Monday, November 29, 2010

TLC Cafe Coming to Wabash Just North of Congress

With construction for Roosevelt University's "Vertical Campus" now under way, a smart business person might see this as an opportunity to cater to these potential students. That's why it was pleasant and unsurprising when we saw a sign in the window for a new cafe at the old Gina's Cuisine Restaurant (424 S. Wabash) across the street on Wabash . It looks like it's going to be called TLC Cafe according to the sign in the window:

We couldn't find much on the Internet specific to this spot, but maybe it could be associated with this TLC cafe in Glenview? We doubt it...

Anyone have additional background on this spot?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Manny's Still The Place for The Political Photo Op

Chicagoist takes a look at a new South Side restaurant challenging Manny's as the best place for a political photo op. But it sound like they still favor Manny's:
Both restaurants serve comfort food that appeal to all segments of Chicago, regardless of race or class. As a result, the clientele for both is perfect for “man of the people” shots with every kind of person present in the background: from Streets and San workers next to beat cops to Governors and CEOs. Given some of the City’s cultural lines, that is a rare and valuable thing. But we think Manny’s longer history, central location in the South Loop, and fantastic food will keep it on tops for visible vittles. Plus, Valois' policy of only taking cash offers up some too-easy-to-resist one-liners that smart Chicago pols will avoid...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Day for Thanks: We're Thankful Trader Joe's is Coming

On a day where we give thanks to all things, many South Loop residents are probably thankful for this news from everyblock.com:

Trader Joe's #701

Business license details

Location 1147 S. Wabash Ave.
Issue date November 24, 2010
License type Limited business license

Required for general sales, service and office operations or businesses that do not fall under another license category and are not exempt from city licenses.

Expiration date June 15, 2012
Structure Corporation

Good news and hope everyone has a nice thanksgiving!

A Happy Thanksgiving to All

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and an even better holiday season. In honor of the day, enjoy an Adam Sandler classic:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Other Hawk Sightings in the Sloop

Last week we posted about an unusual sight as a hawk was perched at street level on a ledge at Jewel. This prompted a reader to email us with her hawk sighting in the South Loop:
I saw the post about the falcon sighting in the s. loop & thought I'd send these along too - a little Kestrel paid my office window (on S. Wabash between Balbo & Harrison) a visit a couple weeks ago. I was excited to see a non-pigeon for a change :).

(Hat Tip: A!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chi Bakery & Cafe Coming to Motor Row

We've heard some rumblings about a new bakery at 2132 S. Michigan (just North of Cermak). A reader recently sent us an email and a link to a business license listing for Chi Bakery & Cafe LLC:
Drove by "Chi Bakery" this morning. They have a nice sign and it looks like a cute place, but I couldn't see in the window from Cermak where I was driving. It's right next the the Willie Dixon courtyard where they have the free concerts. It would be great if this turns out to be a decent place!
Ironically, we just received a notification from Alderman Fioretti's newsletter about the spot and apparantely it opened this past Saturday:
Chi Bakery and Cafe
Home Baked Treats and Drinks and its Bundt Cake Cafe is opening tomorrow,
between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 20, at 2132 S. Michigan Ave., just
north of Cermak Road in the historic Motor Row district. This bakery offers a
sit-down and kid-friendly atmosphere with WIFI, a daily cake special and a cafe
menu with an all-turkey breakfast sandwich, coffee, tea, milk, juices and

Please call (312) 808-0482 for more information.

Sounds like a good addition to the hood!

(Hat Tip: LH!)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pondering Potential Retail at Roosevelt Collection

Many peeps have been quite interested in the development around Roosevelt Collection. Yes, foot traffic has picked up ever since the Kerasotes movie theater opened and the condos-turned-apartments began welcoming tenants. An article from YoChicago in July noted that 95% of Roosevelt Collection was leased and that 85% was occupied. Pretty impressive numbers.

But the biggest and in our opinion most frustrating part of the development has been the lack of news around the retail in this building. Yes, we know about the "1.3 Million square feet" of retail space, but we haven't heard anything else really. Initially we heard retail would open in summer or fall of 2010. Then in Dec of 2009, we heard retail might open in late 2010 or early 2011. Last we heard in regard to the retail was in the YoChicago article from July which said:

The leasing staff still isn’t divulging any information about which retailers will be following Kerasotes into the development’s commercial spaces, except to say that about half of the retail space is under contract, and that occupants are expected to arrive in the next 12 to 18 months.

So 12 to 18 months would mean retail would open sometime between July 2011 and January 2012. Wow, that's still a long time away.

Anyway, enough with the frustrating news. Let's talk about potential. Back in December of last year, we asked readers to post comments about what they would like to see in this retail space. We got a wide range of 'dream' stores like Crate & Barrel, Trader Joes, Peets, Fox & Obel, CB2, Intelligentsia, American Apparel, Ulta, Sephora, Wishbone, Borders, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dick's Sporting Goods, and so on. Although some of these places seem like a long shot, our fingers are crossed.

Another way to look at this is to see who Centrum Properties has worked with in the past. As you may or may not know, Centrum also built a building on North Avenue called "North Avenue Collection", sound familiar? Within this building you will find some of the following retailers:
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Gap
  • J. Crew
  • Banana Republic
  • Express
  • Victoria's Secret
  • Crunch (closed)
  • Urban Oasis Spa

As far as we know, all of these retailers have locations on the Magnificent Mile or somewhere up North, but they don't have much representation on the South Side (or State street shopping). We would love to see them come to the Roosevelt Collection. Centrum has also worked on other developments and according to their website other retailers such as Borders, Qdoba, Verizon.

(Image from Centrum Properties Websites)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surprise Surprise! Most of us live in the South Loop

Kingoberry is Now Open

According to their website, the new froyo spot Kingoberry opened last Monday (11/15). As a reminder it's at 555 S. Dearborn in Printer's Row. If anyone has been, we would love to hear your thoughts.

(Image from Kingoberry Facebook Page)

Friday, November 19, 2010

State of the South Loop Meeting Scheduled for Tomorrow

Join the Greater South Loop Association for there "State of the South Loop" meeting this Saturday. We pulled this from a post we found:
Greater South Loop Association will be hosting “State of the South Loop” meeting 9:30am, Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 1420 S Michigan Ave. Learn what is going on in the South Loop and get the latest updates on the South Loop Dog PAC, 2nd & 3rd Wards, and more!

If you're interested check out there facebook page here.

Columbia College Buys Ebony & JET HQ on Michigan Avenue

Johnson Publishing, who publishes Ebony and JET magazines, has sold it's Michigan Avenue headquarters to Columbia College. The building is at 820 S. Michigan and gives Columbia College another high profile building to add to it's ever expanding footprint in the neighborhood. Linda Johnson Rice, CEO of Johnson Publishing, was quoted on Chicagobusiness.com saying:

"When we learned of Columbia's interest in preserving the building and using it to expand opportunities for young people to study visual, performing, media and communication arts, we knew this was an opportunity that we should pursue,"
This seems to be a good development for the neighborhood in our eyes. Besides some of the civic and cultural institutions (ie Field Museum, Shedd, Soldier Field, McCormick Place, etc)Columbia College is probably the most important institution in the neighborhood. Yes some residents have issues with students, but the students help the neighborhood in a variety of ways. Whether it's simply patronizing restaurants, shop and businesses or renting some of the excess condos, these institutions are helping the neighborhood grow.
With this real estate deal in mind, we were curious if Columbia College might be a bidder in the real estate auction of a couple other high profile Michigan Avenue lots. We posted about a month ago saying there are some empty lots on the 1300 block of Michigan Avenue that will be auction off in December. This is complete speculation on our part but this could complement some of the buildings the college already has in the area just south of Roosevelt. This would be a welcomed addition to this stretch of Michigan in our opinion.
Regardless, glad to see Columbia College expanding in the neighborhood.
(Image from Chicago Archtecture)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Trader Joe's - The Most Popular Rumor in the Sloop

It's been awhile since we've talked about the most infamous rumor in the Sloop, so what the hell...here is an email from a hopeful reader:
Ok, I'm not trying to fuel a hopeless fire, but a friend who knows a manager at the Ontario location said that they had finally sealed the deal on the old Sam's space, and they are shooting to open in March. Still can't find any thing "official" online, but did find this post on the Frankel & Giles blog from Sept. They are in the real estate biz in the area...
We've emailed Trader Joe's corporate to see if there is any validity to this rumor. If we hear anything we will obviously post it. Our fingers are crossed.

(Hat tip: TR!)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two South Loop Bars Make City's Top 50 Unknown Bars

Although no South Loop restaurants made the first annual Michellin restaurant guide list (unless you classify the area just north of Congress part of the South Loop in which case the super pricey french restaurant Everest at 440 S. LaSalle was our only restaurant on this list), a couple of establishments in our neighborhood did make another list.

It's not as prestigious but still worthwhile to call out. Time Out Chicago just did a piece about 50 unknown bars throughout the city that are classified as "unsung but lovable dives, lounges and taverns". The two spots within the South Loop are:
When brothers Marco and Miguel Silva bought the Butcher’s Dog in 2007, it was your average, run-of-the-mill Irish bar. To say the brothers took the space and turned it on its head would be an understatement. The long, narrow room now has a Bonnie and Clyde–meets-baroque look, and the clientele has gone from old men to young South Loopers. The biggest change of all: The Silvas kicked the likes of Budweiser and Miller off their beer list to make room for 100-plus microbrews. Extra shot The bar’s burgers are all made with Dietzler Farms’ ethically raised beef. 649 S Clark St (312-356-9992).—David Tamarkin

It’s hidden in a quiet South Loop development, yet the fact that it exists is not the most surprising thing about Little Branch Cafe. Rather, it’s the fact that, come nightfall, this spot (it’s a coffee-and-sandwich shop by day) transforms into a cocktail bar. The wine, beer and cocktail lists are tightly edited (think classics such as the Corpse Reviver), and because it’s so quiet in here, there’s nothing to distract you from how well the drinks are executed. Extra shot The dinner menu, with items like chicken and waffles, goes beyond the lunchtime offerings of panini. 1251 S Prairie Ave (312-360-0101).—David Tamarkin

While we would agree that Villain's is a great unsung bar in the South Loop, we wouldn't say the same thing about Little Branch Cafe. We had a pleasant experience there (click here) but if we're talking about bars/lounges would much rather see something like M Lounge on this list.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Running of the Coyotes: South Loop Version

In case you missed the story yesterday about the coyote running down State street in the Loop and South Loop, click here. According to the article he could be trying to help deal with our rats:
Brad Block, a supervisor for the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control, said the animal has the run of the Loop to help deal with rats and mice. He said no one has called today to complain.

"He's not a threat...He's not going to pick up your children," Block said. "His job is to deal with all of the nuisance problems, like mice, rats and rabbits."

Block said he believes the coyote is one of those fitted with a GPS device to monitor its whereabouts. He said the coyote is pretty timid and stays away from people. Cook County officials have fitted a few coyotes with GPS as part of an urban coyote project and has allowed them to run wild in Chicago to deal with the rodent population. It was unclear whether this coyote is part of that program. The animal was not captured.
Also here is a video from WGN, he's a big boy:

(Hat Tip: Scrumpy and AV!)

South Loop Provides One Challenge for The Shrine?

The Shrine at 2109 S. State continues to get great press and this is the case with a recent article we read in the Red Eye article "Looking fine, Shrine: The South Loop's Hip Hop HQ":
The South Loop-based club and lounge is emerging as a mandatory destination for movers and shakers on the hip-hop and entertainment scene. All the aforementioned artists, plus Common, Lupe Fiasco--who is appearing Sunday with aldermanic candidate Rhymefest--Devin Hester, LeBron "King" James and others have been to the ultra-modern lounge since it opened in summer 2009. It also is carving out a special niche as a place to see classic rap acts, including the recent reunion of Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth.
Although the positive press is great to read, one quote about the challenges the club faces sticks out in our mind:
There are challenges to The Shrine's longevity, one of them: location. Russo says when he scouted the area three years ago, the South Loop was on the rise. That doesn't appear to be the case now, he said.
Do you think The Shrine can survive with it's location? Personally I love the area down there. It's very urban, industrial and interesting to me. However, the fact is that for most people (including many South Loopers) south of 18th is no mans land. In our opinion it's mostly due to the lack of an EL stop close to this area. Another negative was the stigma that the Ickes homes had over the area. Since these have been torn down that shady element is as prevalent, but the perception still remains for most.

Anyway, The Shrine helps this area. The question is will it develop some foot traffic or is this just a wish?

(Image from Chicago Now)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Public Meeting for Proposed Park at 16th and Wabash

Back in August we had a post that elicited quite a bit of discussion in regard to a proposed park at 16th and Wabash. We were glad to get a recent email from a reader notifying us of an upcoming public meeting discussing the park:
Alderman Fioretti and the Chicago Park District invite you to attend a public meeting to review conceptual plans for a new Chicago park near 16th Street and Wabash Avenue.
The site will be developed into a new park, with area residents and dog owners in mind. A dog friendly area will be part of the design as well as areas for residents without dogs.
7:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 17, 2010
1st District Chicago Police Station
1718 S. State Street
If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please contact Maritza Garcia in the 2nd Ward community service office at (312) 263‐9273 or Maritza.garcia@cityofchicago.org.
Since there was a lot of debate hopefully there will be a lot of turnout this Wednesday!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Conference at the University Center

My college days are unfortunately long gone, but my day job recently took me to a building in the Sloop where I didn't think I would be going anytime soon, The University Center at 525 S. State.

Yes, we've walked by hundreds of times over the years, but besides looking at the inside through the windows we didn't have a good perspective as to what was within. Although we still don't have a complete picture, we had a video conference for work setup in one of the conference rooms within the building.

Needless to say, the building is new and looks pretty good on the outside. The same goes for the inside as far as I can tell. I think back to my time at a Big Ten University and don't remember the amenities being as nice as the University Center.

Anyway, here is a quick blurb from their website:

University Center is the perfect Chicago urban residence to live, study and play! Located on State Street in the heart of Chicago's educational corridor, University center is just steps from the campuses of Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, Robert Morris University and Roosevelt University. Enjoy the convenience of having your home close to classes, shopping, restaurants, entertainment venues, museums and Lake Michigan!

Catering to the needs of the modern student, University Center offers spacious suites and apartments, technologically advanced amenities, a versatile dining center and an engaging social atmosphere. With over 1,700 residents, an extensive residence life program, and plenty of common areas to study or just hang-out, it’s easy to feel at home at University Center!

Pretty nice space for the college students of the South Loop!

(Images from University Center Website)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hawk Hanging Out at Jewel

People walking to work on South Wabash got an impromptu crash course in bird watching on Wednesday. A gorgeous and rather large hawk was perched on the ledge of the Jewel building. At one point the police were tending to the scene (not sure why) and later in the morning regular citizens were directing people not to get to close to the hawk (again not sure why).

The picture below was shot on our cell phone (so pardon the quality):

For more captivating Sloopin bird posts click here.

(Hat Tip: ND!)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Sloopin Stop?

It's a possibility...

According to the trib, the CTA will sell naming rights to EL stations, bus routes, etc.

What would you rather have the Roosevelt El stop renamed as "The Jewel Stop" or "The Sloopin Stop". We just need some donations!

Opart Thai House Receives Michellin "Bib Gourmand" Status

When we think Asian for dinner we usually wander to Ma&I, but we might need to check out a new spot based on this recommendation:
On Nov. 17, Michelin will announce the selection for its first-ever MICHELIN Guide Chicago. Today (Wednesday, 11/10), however, Michelin offers a sneak peek at the first collection of what's in store from MICHELIN Guide Chicago 2011 – the Bib Gourmand selection. The Bib Gourmand designation denotes good cuisine at a reasonable price in a variety of comfort categories. Defined as "Inspectors' Favorites for Good Value," Bib Gourmand restaurants offer two courses and a glass of wine or dessert for $40 or less (tax and gratuity not included), and are often of most value to a city's residents, who regularly dine in neighborhood restaurants.
Among the 46 restaurants around the city that received the 'Bib Gourmand' status, only one was in the South Loop, Opart Thai House (1906 S. State). Personally we've never been, but will be going there soon to see if we agree.
Anyway, we will wait until next week to see if any of our 'less reasonably' priced dining establishments made the list. Does anyone have any guesses as to which Sloopin restaurants could crack the list?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's in that At&T Building on Congress?

On the South side of Congress sits a large windowless AT&T building, a reader ponders:
I go by the AT&T building on Federal between Harrison and Congress almost daily. What is so secret that goes on there that the building doesn’t have a single window?
We don't think it's a big secret, but we do think the building doesn't require windows. We didn't find anything about this specific building, but a large, similar windowless building sits in downtown New York. Here is a blurb about it that we found on the interwebs:

The AT&T Long Lines Building (Church street in SoHo) is a truly unique building, not because it's the tallest, the largest, or the most technically advanced. In fact, it's not even habitable, as it doesn't house apartments or offices. The 167.5 meter tall skyscraper was built to house telephone switching equipment and was completed in 1974.
Thus we assume this houses switching information for their Chicago network. Are we sure, no...but that's our best guess. Anyone else have thoughts or know for sure?
(Hat Tip: JM!)
(Image from Google Maps)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Printers Row Helicopter Lift

A reader writes and takes some great pics:
Thought I'd let you know that the helicopter lift scheduled for yesterday morning was partially successful. They succeeded in getting two new units to the top of Printer's Square and three old units down from the roof. But there are two more units that they wanted to lift but turned out to be too heavy. And I'm sure there's more on the roof that needs to come down.

So, they'll be back. I took some pictures.

For more pics check out his flickr feed and for more background check out his blog.
UPDATE: More pics from another reader:
(Hat tip: SW & TR!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kingoberry Opening in Printers Row; Another Mainstay Hospitality Spot too?

Some recent comments about the new Ole' Hardwood restaurant prompted us to the Metromix "Countdown" section, which highlights news spots potentially opening around the city and this case the Sloop.

We were excited to see a new Frozen Yogurt spot, called Kingoberry (555 S. Dearborn) coming to the Printer's Row area. They will be opening on Dearborn and according to metromix will be sharing space with Pocket's. Although we're not 100% sure what it will be like, from reading its menu the concept sounds a lot like Starfruit and Berry Chill. Hopefully this is the case because those places are quite tasty!
Also of interest is a vague nod to a new potential restaurant/bar opening in 2011:
Unnamed Mainstay Hospitality Project 2011
South Loop
Mainstay owner Matthew O'Malley and Chicago Firehouse chef Kendal Duque
plan to team up again for a new project. The only certain thing at this point?
It'll be in the South Loop.
We've read some comments on Sloopin bashing Grace O'Malley's, but we're definitely supporters of the Mainstay Hospitality spots in the Sloop (see old post here for more context). Grace O'Malley's might not be our favorite, but it's a solid place. Regardless, it's good to see that they're having success in the South Loop and are continuing to invest in the neighborhood.
Where, what or when this might happen is a bigger question. Anyone have any insight?
We heard a rumor that the space that was being built out for the stalled Pita Corner restaurant (next to the closed WineStyles on 1200 block of South Michigan) was being shopped around to various proprietors in the area. We also heard that a deal to create a restaurant and/or bar joining those two places together was almost done. Could this be the Mainstay Hospitality project? Hopefully!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

5 Cent Chicken Promotion at Gourmet Chicken

We recently posted about Gourmet Chicken and Chef Luciano's recent rennovations and in honor of this, they're running an interesting promotion in November. As you may recall or have read about on Sloopin (or the Chef's site), in the 1920s the building on the Southeast corner of Wabash and Cermak was the first White Castle in Chicago.

Ever since then the building evolved and didn't really resemble the photo above (however there is a 'modern day' White Castle kiddy-corner). As part of their rennovations, the crew at Gourmet Chicken and Chef Luciano, restored the building to its original glory:

In honor of the restoration and as a nod back to the good ol' days when things cost 5 cents, Gourmet Chicken will be selling some of its famous roasted chicken for 5 cents on Sundays during November. Restaurant owner Rocky Gupta explains:
"White Castle used to sell their famous burgers for 5 cents in this building back in 1929, so as we celebrate our Grand Reopening, we wanted to commemorate the building's history and give something back to our loyal customers."

Five-cent roast chicken will be available, subject to availability, during each Sunday in November. Customers are limited to one order each, which includes 2 pieces of chicken (a leg and a thigh) with a side of rice for only 5 cents. Gourmet Chicken is open Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

A great excuse to head to Gourmet Chicken and check out some chicken. See you there tomorrow!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Quinn Wins...and then goes to Manny's

We've posted about Manny's being a popular stop for politicians and that holds true for the most recent round of elections:
Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn today said he feels "elated" about his more than 19,500-vote lead, but did not call on Republican challenger Bill Brady to concede defeat.

"Who wouldn't be (elated)?" Quinn said while getting lunch at Manny's, a traditional photo op hangout for politicians. "I got elected governor of Illinois by the people of Illinois in a come-back campaign."

Damn I wish I was eating a Corned Beef on rye right now...

(Hat Tip: ND!)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Segways Falls into Lake Michigan

If you read Sloopin, you probably know we laugh every time we see a Segway in the Sloop, so imagine when we stumbled across this story in the Chicago Tribune (from Saturday, October 30th):

A Segway rider fell into Lake Michigan near the Field Museum this afternoon, but
was able to get out of the water on his own.
This has to be the best South Loop Segway story ever...and the picture makes it even better. Pure hilarity!

(Image from Chicago Tribune)

A Sloopin Deal! Buy a T-shirt get a $25 Dominick's Gift Card

If you didn't read our post this past Sunday about Dominick's you probably didn't read about the great deal we're offering. If you buy a Sloopin t-shirt on eBay for $21.90 (includes shipping), we will include a $25 Dominick's gift card for free.

A value of $46.90 for $21.90...what a steal!

We sold one t-shirt on Monday, so have 3 gift cards left! Act Quickly!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Indigo Digital Printing Comes to 9th Street

There were some recent comments about a business opening up on 9th street between State and Wabash. After some tips, sleuthing and simply walking by the space it appears that an independent printing store called Indigo Digital Printing (900 S. Wabash) is opening.

Although people always want sexier retail, we're glad to see more businesses coming to the Sloop. So welcome to them and best of luck!

Shots Around the Sloop: Sloopin Stoop

(Hat Tip: LH!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fioretti Has Cancer; Will Not Run For Mayor

In an announcement today, 2nd ward Alderman Robert Fioretti said he will no longer be seeking the position of Mayor in Chicago, but will still seek re-election to his current job. Unfortunately, he also announced that he has cancer.

The Chicago Tribune has more on the story, but here is a quick blurb:
Ald. Robert Fioretti, 2nd, said today he has cancer and will not run for mayor of Chicago, but will be running for re-election in his ward.

Fioretti said doctors told him he has cancer in his tonsils and he will undergo seven weeks of radiation and three sessions of chemotherapy, beginning a few days before Thanksgiving.

"It's tough words to hear. Nobody wants to hear that you are a member of a club nobody wants to be a member of," Fioretti said.

Best of luck to Bob!

(Hat Tip: ND!)

Monkey Bar Gym Coming to the Neighborhood

We got some tips that a new gym is coming to the area called Monkey Bar Gym. Yes, it sounds like it would be for kids, but from what we've read that's not the case:
Monkey Bar Gym was created by Jon Hinds in 2000 and was the beginning of a fitness revolution. MBGs are the only gyms in the nation to integrate full-body skills training for strength, speed and stamina; Eischens Yoga for restoration and healing; and a plant-based diet for the health of people and our planet. Full-body skills training, Eischens Yoga, and Plant-based Nutrition is the MBG3.
The space is currently being built out just south of Cermak at 2255 S. Michigan. A reader emailed us letting us know that they're planning on opening on December 1st. Here are some pictures of the space from their website:

Glad to see more stuff moving in down there. Although it's not the Sloop by our definition it's still an area with a ton of potential. Anyway, if you're intrigued it sounds like they're going to have free classes during the opening weeks. Check out their website for more info.

(Hat Tip: SoloMotorRow!)

Time to Vote!

Hopefully this isn't your first reminder to vote today, but if so click here to find your polling place.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Comments Suggest Fioretti Scrapping Mayoral Run

If this article in the Chicago Sun-Times is true, it sounds like our second ward alderman, Bob Fioretti, could be scrapping his mayoral aspirations and running for re-election of his current job:
Ald. Robert Fioretti (2nd) is reconsidering his plans to run for mayor because of what sources close to him are describing as a "health concern," the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Fioretti will announce his intentions for the Feb. 22 municipal general election "no later than Wednesday," when the full City Council meets after Tuesday's statewide election, a source close to the alderman said.

"He will be seeking elected office," the source said of Fioretti - an indication that if Fioretti doesn't continue his campaign for mayor, he will seek re-election to his aldermanic seat. Under city election law, Fioretti cannot run for both offices.

To be honest, this doesn't come as a surprise to us. In our opinion, it's unlikely that Fioretti could actually become Mayor. Was his campaign a opportunity to get his name in the newspaper? potentially, but regardless you can't fault a guy for having higher aspirations. Maybe he's planting a seed for a future run. Who knows...

Regardless, he's done a pretty good job in our opinion and we would be happy to see him try to defend his current 2nd ward Alderman spot. We will see.