Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sloopin Top Ten of 2012: #7 - Confusing Soldier Field Parking Signs

2012 is almost over and with that we fired up our google analytics account to see which stories had the most views during the year.  With that said, look for posts daily counting down our top ten stories of 2012.

#7:  Confused by Soldier Field Event Parking Signs
What can we say, parking in the Sloop can be confusing.  When there is an event at Soldier Field, well people often get screwed.  A concerned resident penned a detailed email to us and asked others if they've had similar issues.  Here is the start of their email:
I wanted to write you about a situation I am currently in the middle of involving parking in the South Loop during the Soldier Field events. From the information I have gathered, there have been many victims of this same misunderstanding.
There was some solid comments and suggestions in the comment section of the post.  It's a good read for those who often feel confused or have been burned by this in the past.


Ishea said...

I think it's most confusing when there are events outside of typical Football Games. I used to keep the soldier field website bookmarked and double check... Now I just pay for a garage spot and tell my friends to fend for themselves lol

Anonymous said...

Translation: don't park here, unless you have a residential permit on your window, from two hours before game/event time until one hour after game/event is over. Pretty. Straight. Forward.

Also, the fact that this is the 7th biggest story of the year for the south loop is pretty sad, and indicative of the level of "excitement" in this neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:33, you would THINK it would be pretty straight forward, except the ticket officers and towing company can't read the signs themselves and STILL tow vehicles WITH the permit AND parked there in sufficient time.

Parking is absolutely awful, and the city is corrupt.