Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brasserie by LM Opens at 800 S. Michigan!

It was just a couple weeks ago when we heard Brasserie by LM, a new French restaurant, was coming to the space at Essex Inn (800 S. Michigan). Of course we didn't expect them to open for sometime, but apparently we were wrong. Numerous readers have informed us that they opened yesterday:
Brasserie by LM is opening Today (Wednesday, 3/28) and I thought it might be nice to remind readers so they can go check it out.

Here is a link to their menu that was included in an e-mail from Thrillist. Looks good and the price points are not too bad.

Hope they do well!

The menu looks pretty reasonable if you ask us. We also did some more searching on the interwebs and found a blog with photos of the food (see picture above or other pictures here). We love some steak frites and can't wait to try this out.

(Hat tip: TB and AA!)
(Image from: RL Photography)


Dave Kern said...

Glad they were able to open so fast in time for Summer. I will definitely be trying this place

Unknown said...

I ate there last night. It was great! So nice to have a little more diversity in the neighborhood dining scene. I think they have looked at where Tribute failed (price point for the location) and have given you a great menu full of options at a good price.

Definitely will be going back. Check it out!!

Anonymous said...

Leftover food from Tribute? No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tried this place last night. Not too bad considering they just opened. My only complaint was that the service was pretty slow (only one server in the entire place) but again, I give it a pass since they just opened.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else been to Brasserie, we are planning on going there in 2weeks once they open the patio seating, just curious what to order.

Anonymous said...

try the freedom fries