Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Two South Loop Locations Approved for Marijuana Dispensaries

(It's been awhile - sorry about that folks!)

We're coming to you with some interesting developments on the Sloop marijuana front.  We recently read about two new spots in the neighborhood where dispensaries are opening (via Tribune):

The board also approved a permit to Rickey Hendon, a former alderman and state representative, and his children to open a Green Rose dispensary in the South Loop, at 1233 S. Wabash Ave., and a dispensary by High Hopes Chicago at 622-24 W. Roosevelt Road.

The spot at 1233 s. Wabash is a pretty prominent location and is where the long vacated bar - Wabash Tap - once sat (closed in 2019).  The bar at one point said they were going to "reinvent".  That clearly didn't happen, but we guess a Marijuana Dispensary is a reinvention (although likely different owner?):

While numerous South Loop locations have been rumored and discussed for a dispensary, not much has materialized.  

We will see what else materializes, but if you're into the pot you may not have to leave the neighborhood soon.