Thursday, November 17, 2011

Velvet Lounge to Re-Open in January 2012?

Fred Anderson, the man behind the old Velvet Lounge jazz club at 67 E. Cermak, passed away in 2010. Unfortunately the Chicago jazz community lost a legend and apparently lost a night club as well (see an old post from January).

Well yesterday we got an email from a reader with the simple title of "Velvet Lounge Reopening in January. Woo Hoo!" with a link to the Velvet Lounge website. And when you click on that link you find an encouraging sign:
This is the first we've heard of this and can only hope that it is true. Has anyone else heard anything about the Velvet Lounge re-opening?

Seems like there has been a lot of positive talk down in this area. Hope it continues!

(Hat tip: LH!)


Anonymous said...

Last time I was at Pizzeria Brandi (next door to Velvet Lounge), there was work being done and they said they were expanding into the Velvet Lounge space. Maybe Velvet Lounge will be part of that renovated space and/or they're moving somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Based on the website, the folks behind PIzzeria Brandi are the ones reopening Velvet Lounge ... or at least they're providing food service for whoever is taking it over.

Based on the entertainment schedule though it will definitely not be the Velvet Lounge of old, which was all jazz ... and all modern jazz. That's a loss, but at least it's another club opening.

I only got to go to the the old Velvet Lounge a few times, back when it was on Indiana, and it was a real
Chicago treasure.

Anonymous said...

Great. I am always looking for a new placed to be potentially mugged or stabbed

Allen said...

Drove by and thank god it looks like they are updating the place to be a bit more intimate/comfortable.. I understand Jazz clubs should have a darker (even a hole in the wall type) feel, but the old velvet lounge felt like I was sitting at the DMV with the lights off. If they are OPENING the wall bw Pizzeria and VL - I hope there is not a glowing light coming from the restaurant feel. Looking forward to this if done right.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. I love this place.

RIP Fred Anderson!!!

Anonymous said...

Velvet Lounge is now open. DJ and live music weekly. Not sure what shows are coming, but get out and go grab a drink there sometime.. We can't ask for more things in the area unless all of us (including me) get out of our homes past 9pm, DVR your shows, support the bars.