Saturday, August 18, 2012

That Was Fast...Bottle & Bottega Opens at 1241 S. Michigan

What was seemingly faster than paint drying, Bottle & Bottega, the new paint and drink studio, has apparently opened up shop at 1241 S. Michigan.  Back in July we posted about them shooting to open in late August, but we were skeptical given that most retail stores get delayed for one reason or another.

Anyway, a reader recently commented that Bottle & Bottega was open!  We're not sure if they're "officially" open, but we can attest that we saw people inside painting.

Regardless, good to have another new business open in the Sloop and on South Michigan.

(Hat tip: TS!)


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing and yes we are open! To view a calendar of events at our new South Loop studio click here:

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing and yes we are open! To view a list of our upcoming public parties check out our calendar here: