Thursday, August 30, 2012

CTA Reveals More Info About Roosevelt Stop Rennovations

Image from CTA
The Roosevelt El stop between State and Wabash is a central part of the Sloop.  Sometimes it's a lightning rod for bad press, but in our opinion it's a bustling area where you can feel the pulse of the neighborhood.

As a result, it's a good thing when the city and the CTA makes an effort to improve this critical area of the neighborhood.  In June we posted about the South exit to the Orange/Green line being transformed.  Yesterday, a reader directed us to a link outlining more details about the project (with pictures) as well as information also stating that the North entrance will also get a face-lift:
The CTA is renovating the auxiliary exit at the Roosevelt Orange/Green lines station to provide a more convenient transfer between buses and trains, and new amenities for everyone who uses the station.
When this $650,000 project is complete, the auxiliary exit on the south side of Roosevelt Road will become an auxiliary entrance as well, with direct access to the Green and Orange lines on the elevated station platform. The south entrance will include a bright, new building equipped with High-Barrier Gate turnstiles, new lighting, and new signage. This improvement will allow customers to transfer from buses eastbound on Roosevelt Road directly to the elevated station without needing to cross Roosevelt Road, as well as provide more convenient access for residents of the South Loop.
The press release goes on to say that the work will be complete in Q4 and that the North entrance will also get a face-lift.  Here are some pictures for that entrance:
Image from CTA
Image from CTA
All in all some good changes (although it seems like a lot of money if you ask us).  Finally in the last picture above does it look like they're adding a door to the West side of the tracks?  Does this already exist?

(Hat tip:  JB!)


Josh said...

It's a maintenance door, and it's already there. You can see it in Google Street View:,+chicago+il&hl=en&ll=41.867494,-87.626609&spn=0.000513,0.000562&sll=39.739318,-89.266507&sspn=12.27433,18.413086&t=h&hq=state+and+roosevelt,+chicago+il&z=21&layer=c&cbll=41.867494,-87.626609&panoid=j6kWDmVe-oYxnh67WEY49g&cbp=12,351.96,,0,-1.33

Unknown said...

This is exciting. I always feel like this area is littered with people running back and forth across the street. Hopefully this helps with safety as well as the cosmesis of the area/south loop