Tuesday, August 28, 2012

STA Travel Coming to 525 S. State

For those of you who traveled when you were in college or a young adult, you're probably familiar with STA travel.  According to their website:
STA Travel is a global travel specialist with 30 years experience advising young people on holidays and adventures abroad. We offer a unique range of flights, accommodation, tours and expeditions in 90 countries and send over 6 million passengers away each year. STA Travel has over 400 branches worldwide.
Personally I used them quite a bit (albeit a long time ago) and found them to be pretty helpful.  Well it looks like they're opening up a store at 525 S. State according to this business permit that a reader sent us:
Given the amount of students in this area and the hostel that is on Congress, it seems to make sense that a travel agency for young people would open in this location.

Another business added to our counter!

(Hat tip: MJ!)

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TS said...

Can you please update the counter to reflect the openings of both Sloop Dental and Chicago Health Elements on 16th?