Sunday, January 1, 2012

Waterspout: Our Favorite 2011 Shot Around the Sloop

A BIG HAT TIP to J & JG for our favorite Shot Around the Sloop in 2011 - "The Waterspout":
On Saturday morning (September 24th), we noticed a cloud over Lake Michigan off Burnham Harbor and Soldier field that turned into a waterspout. It lasted for about 15 minutes before disappearing.

We look forward to seeing your Shots Around the Sloop in 2012!


jgaither627 said...

Glad to contribute, keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

Is there a Sloopin Flickr page?

Waterspout Hunter said...

Hello. My name is Wade Szilagyi. I am a meteorologist and waterspout researcher for the Meteorological Service of Canada. Could you tell me what time you saw the waterspout and how many?

Thank you.