Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Johnson Publishing Moving North on Michigan & Out of the Sloop

Back in late 2010 we posted about Johnson Publishing (home of Ebony and Jet magazine) selling their South Loop Michigan Avenue headquarters (820 S. Michigan) to Columbia. As part of that sale, they had 18 months to find a new place to do business.

Johnson Publishing Co. will move its headquarters a few blocks north to the top floors of the Borg-Warner skyscraper at 200 S. Michigan Ave.
So while they're just moving up the street, they're officially moving out of the Sloop (since they will be North of Congress).

We haven't read or heard much about Columbia's use for this building lately, so if you know something please chime in. Otherwise, we will keep our eyes open.


Anonymous said...

Columbia purchased the building to house their library. That will be the primary use.

Editor said...

I'm glad you posted this. I read about it in Crain's or the Trib or somewhere but forgotten about it. It made me start to think -- is this building even worth saving?

Here's the article we just posted on CAB about this notion:

Anonymous said...