Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sloopin Posts Are Again Available on Facebook and Twitter

We've gotten a lot of emails and comments about our posts not showing up on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Sorry for that (Facebook changed some of their policies/settings recently...grrrr Zuckerberg).

Anyway, for those of you who prefer to consume Sloopin via social media, you again should be able to see our latest posts through these channels starting now.

Since we're on the subject of social media. If you don't currently "like" or "follow" Sloopin, we can always use more fans. The following links should lead you to the proper places if you desire:

Finally our growth has mostly been fueled through our readers, fans and followers spreading the word. So first off, thanks for that! Second, this is our plea to ask you to continue to spread the news about Sloopin to your friends or people who might be interested in the gospel of the South Loop.

Happy Sloopin!

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