Thursday, November 10, 2011

Come Out and Support "Move With the Forces" 5K on Saturday

A reader writes:

If you have free time this Saturday morning or enjoy a nice run (5K), please go out and support those taking part in the Move With The Forces Run.

The event starts at 1410 S. Museum Campus Drive. The money that is raised
is going towards, which is the second largest national homebuilding organization building adapted homes for OUR VETERANS/HEROES from Iraq and Afghanistan.

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday and honor our Veterans and those who help keep us free. More information on donating money or taking part in the event can be found at

(Hat tip: ND!)


Anonymous said...

Great...another run...
Last week I got stuck in my car for 2 hours due to detours. They wouldn't let me go home...even being 8 months pregnant and crying didn't budge the "detours".

CubFanJoe said...

oh didnt you hear?? yeah the streets are for anything but cars these days...I heard they want to turn wabash into a a coffee shop and have Bash on wabash 365 days a year

hahaha. losers

Allen said...

It's ironic, CubFanJoe calling people losers?!

Anonymous said...


Allen said...

speaking of Burger Point - went last night at 7:30pm - place was 100% packed with a continuous line for another hour even as I left. The wait was about 15 minutes, but worth it. The ONLY COMPLAINT I have is that the place has the right decorative lights, but there are these ceiling hospital cafe type lights as well that overwelm the entire place. I am not sure if this is temporary, but PLEASE, PLEASE make the lighting a bit more warm. If it had a tad more intimate feel, the place will become a South Loop staple where your girlfriend/wife would be ok with going to in the evening.

Anonymous said...

How about you use public transportation because I am 100% sure there were notices out about street closures for the run on the 5th!

South Loop Veggie Runner said...

Preggo woman:
"The USATF sanctioned and certified (IL07060JW) chrono-timed 5k run course begins at Soldier Field/Great Lawn/Gold Star Families Park, run south on the running path to 31st Street Beach, turn around and head back north to Soldier Field. The Race is a 5K route, which is approximately 3.1 miles."

So, unlike the Hot Chocolate race, which I guess is what you're referring to, this one is not in the way of your vehicle. Why don't you read the link to find this out instead of using this race (to help military veterans) as a platform for unrelated complaints?