Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Opart Thai and Everest Recognized in 2012 Michelin Restaurant Awards

Last year was the first annual Michelin Guide for Chicago restaurants and for the South Loop not much has changed in 2012.

To be on the list means the restaurant is doing something right judging by the other restaurants on the list. Alinea in Lincoln Park is the only Chicago restaurant to get the three star rating (last year L20 received the award as well). We've never been to Everest, maybe some day.

A restaurant we have been to and like a lot is Opart Thai House (1906 S. State) also received recognition in 2012 from Michelin. You may remember that Opart received the Bib Gourmand rating from Michelin last year from an old Sloopin post. Bib Gourmand rating: given to restaurants that offer "good cuisine at a reasonable value." Diners must be able to get two courses and either dessert or a glass of wine for $40 or less (not including tax and tip) to qualify for a rating.

Congrats to both places.

Maybe Acadia, the new restaurant at 1639 South Wabash, could be in the running next year? We will have to wait and see if it lives up to the hype.


Anonymous said...

Everest sux. The only people there are like 80 years old, fifthy rich and I think they go there because they are too old to actually go to France for great French food.

Totally over-rated. Expensive, stuffy service, over-cooked fish..yuk. Someone must have gotten a Chicago backhander under the table for that Michelin star.

Anonymous said...

Um...I'm definitely not 80 or filthy rich, and I have been to France. Everest just happens to be a nice place to go for an early meal because they have a pre-theatre menu.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Acadia will still have an outdoor dining patio if the park it overlooks is turned into a dog park? I guarantee you that patrons at a 5-star restaurant do not want to overlook a feces-filled dog dump.

Anonymous said...

Anon Re Acadia - I was thinking the same thing that as much as I hate dogs, they still deserve a small portion, but whoever is in charge -- PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS NOT NEAR THE RESTAURANT PATIO and closer to North end.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous at 1:54 has been to France. Well lah, dee, dah aren't you "all that". And she can type "theatre" like a limey brit so i guess she must have been to england once too. probably speaks with a fake limey accent as well. i guess compared to english food everest would be relatively good.

Anonymous said...

Re: concern over "dog dump park" (so true!) having a negative impact on the proposed patio @ Arcadia, I'm sure Arcadia will be closed and/or relocated to Bucktown/River North/Lincoln Park by the time any park gets constructed at that location.

Anonymous said...

reading the comments on here hurts my brain. Some of you dog haters are absolutely childish. No park in the south looop is RIDDLED with shit. There might be a time where there is some owner who neglects to pick up but that is very isolated.

There are rats, bums, exhaust smoke, etc all over the city and you dont see or hear of resturants shutting down do you? LOL get a damn life and quit crying about dogs. South loop just happens to be one of the best dog-friendly areas in the entire city , if you have a problem with that reality then perhaps a move to the gold coast is in order?

All these people that stand on street corners damning dangerous intersections and loud bars liek Scout becauee they want their "NEIGHBORHOOD" to be a quiet private area are becoming the biggest hipocrites in the world because having a dog is as american as a picket fence. Being a dog friendly NEIGHBORHOOD is what makes the south loop what it is.

Just because you are afraid of getting bit ( like a little bitch) or are too uptight and un friendly to deal with one of the most common ideals of Americana ( having a dog) doesnt mean the neighborhood is going to change for you.

go to hell

Tim said...

wow! anon @ 9:23 I couldnt agree more and I am not a dog owner.

I think the majority of us are all on the same page and represent the neighborhood ( and humanity ) well but there are always going to be cranky old bitchbags that will agrue and complain just because they can. I'm pretty sure no one listens to them anyway, LOL.