Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sports Night in the Sloop

Yesterday we watched two young women talk about the Sloop. Mostly positive things to say, but one comment stuck out like a sore thumb:
“For a fun time if we wanted to go anywhere after 9 o-clock, we’d just go to the Jewel.”

Well this past Saturday we were looking for some fun post 9 o'clock. Although it's easy to concede that the Sloop might not have as many night time options as River North, Lincoln Park or Wicker Park...going to Jewel is a little bit of an exaggeration in our mind (although it is a funny one).

This past weekend was a huge sports weekend and consequently we wanted to head to a bar to get some drinks and bathe in the glow of numerous Televisions. In the past we've had some discussion on where was the best place to watch the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in the Sloop. At that time the consensus was Kroll's on the Northwest corner of Michigan and 18th. We still agree that that's a great place for sports.

However, tonight we had a friend coming down who lived in Streeterville and didn't want to go that far South. So we were looking for something North of Roosevelt. Villain's? Bar Louie? Kasey's Tavern? South Loop Club? We ultimately decided on Jimmy Green's Tavern (825 S. State), after all the place is new and packed with brand new flat screen Televisions. Ironically they were also hosting that night's Chicago Blackhawks Cityroad watch (which is a good time and something we've covered before). Since our goal was to watch and listen to the Blackhawks, but also be able to watch the Bulls vs Heat (NBA) while watching the Packers vs Falcons (NFL), this seemed like the perfect solution.

Well we weren't the only people with this game plan in mind. We walked in a found a lengthy wait for tables. Luckily the wait wasn't as long as originally anticipated. We got a table and had a prime seat in the middle of the bar. Best of all we were perfectly positioned with plenty of TVs in view to catch all of the sporting events. We came for the sporting events, but obviously had to get some food and drinks.

To our surprise, Jimmy Green's has their own Lager that is brewed specifically for the bar by Argus Brewery. Naturally we had to give this a try. Personally I enjoyed it and drank it the rest of the night. My wife (who prefers light beer) enjoyed it but switched to something a little lighter as the night progressed.

In regard to food, we had some quesadillas, steak nachos and the surprise of the night, a Salmon Sandwich on a pretzel roll. The first two were huge portions and what you would imagine from a bar. Solid food, but they're not quite competing for best in the city. The Salmon Sandwich was an odd choice, but was pretty good. Definitely not disappointing.

All in all it was a solid night. Saturdays are always big bar nights, but the sports made it seem even bigger (judging by the fact that every establishment we walked by seemed to be overflowing). Given the fact that one of the biggest football games in Soldier Field history is taking place this Sunday (Bears vs Packers for a trip to the Super Bowl), we imagine another big weekend is in store.

So if you're looking to enjoy some beer and sports in the Sloop, we would suggest Jimmy Green's. Just make sure you get there early to get a seat!

(Hat tip: ND & Jean G!)


Anonymous said...

I was also at Jimmy Greens and had a great time. I enjoy the atmosphere of the bar and others seemed to enjoy it also. We had great service and will FOR SURE be heading back there!


Anonymous said...

I'm too pumped up for this game Sunday! We are going to invade the South Loop. Even if you are not going out to the game or bar - bundle up the kids, take your wife for a walk, take in the view, yell at the Packer fans. SUPERBOWL BEARS!

John said...

The steak nachos are really good there, but huge. I had a great time for the Hawks road watch, it didn't hurt that the ice girls were hitting on me all night.

Anonymous said...

Add Grace O'Malleys to the ever-growing list of sloop staples that is shutting down. Last meal will be served in 2 weeks. So depressing.

MarkChicago said...

I don't believe it.

Jason said...

Anybody know anything more about Grace O'Malleys??

Anonymous said...

That is too bad to hear about Grace O'Malleys - Does anyone know if they are planning to open something else there? That is good space! Sad news!!

Anonymous said...

I heard a few months ago that Grace O'Malleys was planning on remodeling the restaurant and knocking down the wall that separates the dinning area from the bar and making one large room. I have no idea if they are just closing for that remodeling or if they are closing for good.

Anonymous said...

If this place is closing, it's because of the terrible service and horrible food. Plus, the fact that weeds have been growing out of the sign out front for the past year doesn't exactlly hail the hungry or thirsty.

If "re-inventing" itself, let's hope it's not done the same way utopia/exposure/now open/ole hardwood "re-invented" itself, e.g. replacing one poor option with another.

Unknown said...

I dislike Jimmy Greens with a passion. For one, I live above the bar and they have done nothing to ensure that their patrons leave quietly. In fact their own employees will be outside smoking at 1 o'clock in the morning laughing and shouting at each other.
Also the place is frequented by the owner's friends. When this happens be prepared to be second best. The waitresses dote on the friends constantly while ignoring all other patrons. One time the waitress told us that if we needed anything to find her. Of course she was checking in on her only other table every 5 minutes.
On that note, I was there for the bears and packers game and was told they did not take reservations. Not a huge deal, we managed to fit 6 of us at a table for four. However, the owner managed to set up and reserve a table for 10 of his friends 45 minutes before they even arrived. Seriously?

Honestly if you want good food and good beer, go to Hackneys or get some Flacos or Hackneys to go and eat it at Kaseys.