Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bearing Down Towards the Super Bowl?

The Chicago Bears are one step closer to the ultimate goal of winning a super bowl. A dominant performance today against the Seattle Seahawks has people thinking big. Hopefully the same team shows up next Sunday at 2pm at Soldier Field to beat up on our most hated rival, the Green Bay Packers.

Interestingly, this is only the second time the Bears and Packers have faced each other in the playoffs.

Anyway, the city will likely be electric leading up to the game next week and it should be a fun time around the Sloop! Although most people around the city are happy to watch the Bears advance to the NFC championship game, our guess is that business owners in the South Loop(mainly restaurants and bars) are particularly happy that they will have another opportunity to cash in on another game day in the South Loop.

Next Sunday should be fun...

Bear Down!

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Matt said...

Thank you so much for the Lyric Opera version of Bear Down! It brought much happiness to my day!