Friday, January 21, 2011

A New Way To Get Discounts?

It appears that the South Loop is the testing grounds for a new deal site. We recently read about this concept on the NBC Chicago website and were intriqued. Althought the QR
(which stands for Quick Response codes) readers are pretty easy to use, seems like an unnecessary step to get a deal. Can't it just say text XXX to XXX and we will send you a deal? Who knows, maybe people are intriqued by this?

Smart phone addicts are probably already aware of QR or Quick Response codes -- those square-shaped, funky-looking bar codes that appear in magazines, train stations or even on business cards.

Now they're impossible to ignore. Chicago company is placing gigantic QR codes in locations around Chicago. The first 600 square foot code popped up near the corner of Polk and Clark streets in the South Loop.

South Loop businesses such as Jimmy Green's Tavern and Blackies appear to be utilizing this technology according to the NBC article.

(Image from NBC Chicago's Website)


anon-trok said...

Thanks for posting this. It's a great idea, especially since its so close to the the vendor (Flaco's)

p.s. You can actually scan it on screen!

Anonymous said...

The cool thing about QR codes is that you can just scan the image posted on this website to see what this one is. Too cold out there to actually go see it!

Kirsten said...

I personally would much rather do this than text to get a deal. I'm still on a limited text plan, but internet data is unlimited!