Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blackhawk Tradition Becomes Chicago Tradition?

We love the Blackhawks...almost everything about them (even Brian Campbells unnecessary spin-o-ramas). One of our favorite things is when the fans cheer boisterously during Jim Cornelisons powerful rendition of the national anthem. This was a truly unique thing to the world of sports and as far as we know something that only happened at Chicago Blackhawk games.

To our surprise, when we turned on the Bears/Seahawks game last weekend, Mr. Cornelison was front and center getting ready to show off his voice. As he started, Chicago fans knew what to do. Right on cue, they immediately started cheering:

Is this becoming a Chicago tradition and not simply a Blackhawk tradition? From reports we read earlier in the week, Mr. Cornelison will be back at Soldier field for the Bears/Packers game on Sunday. Hopefully he can bring some of the Blackhawks good luck from last year to Soldier Field and bring home another playoff victory for the Bears.

Bear down!

(Hat tip: K-Pack!)


Anonymous said...

A part of this tradition that sucks? They only let MEN sing the national anthem at Blackhawks games. Discrimination from the Good Old Boys club and nothing to be done about it because it's "tradition". Nice.

MarkChicago said...

@ Anon

I'd love to understand how you could destroy other seemingly too good to be true posts.

Anonymous said...

This is still a tradition among Blackhawks fans. When Jim Cornelison sang at the White Sox game honoring the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Victory this summer, fans were not cheering. There's probably just enough Hawks fans at the Bears games to carry on the Hawks' tradition. GO HAWKS!