Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chiropractor Moving Into Clark and Polk?

A reader writes:
I walk by the intersetion of Clark and Polk everyday and noticed for awhile that something is going into one of the commerical spaces in Burnham Pointe. Does anyone know what business this will be?

Although we're not 100% sure what this might be, we had some old emails from a reader letting us know that a chiropracter's office was moving in:
I believe Dr. Christina Know is a chiropractor in the river city building. Since that got flooded, she is likely moving locations. It's going to be a "Proper Balance Healthcare"
location. They are going to have health food, therapy, massages, etc..There is a lot of construction in the space - completely transforming interior.

(Hat tip: AW & DG!)


Anonymous said...

Actually Proper Balance is now open at 733 S. Polk at Wells, has been for a few weeks.

Mike from River City said...

Yep, its on Wells and Poll, and they need to invest in some curtains.

Anonymous said...

The build-out at Burnham Pointe is just a new office for the company that owns/manages the building. No big deal, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

I live in the building and they're building out the space to move the leasing office in there.

John said...