Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Job Well Done CTA!

Simply put...Job well done CTA!

If you're like us, over the years you've bashed the CTA for any number of issues. Whether it was stations that are falling apart or delays or breakdowns, it's usually not hard to find issues to complain about when it come to the CTA.

So when they do something well, you have to acknowledge it! Like the super helpful bus tracker that was rolled out in February of 2009 (see an old Sloopin post here), the new train tracker that rolled out recently is immensely helpful.

We tried it out on Monday and simply put...amazing. When I walked out of my condo, I checked the mobile app and saw a Green line train was due to arrive in 7 minutes at the Roosevelt stop. I knew a brisk walk would get me there in time. If there wasn't a train coming for 15 minutes, I probably would have taken the bus. This type of information helps me plan my trip on the helpful.

Yes, there are bound to be small glitches and issues, but judging from our experiences over the first two days, again we say job well done CTA!

Have you used the website or mobile app? Is it working for you? Please let us know.

(Image from CTA Train Tracker)

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Anonymous said...

I'm curious how well this will work when there is an issue on the tracks. Last August, me and about 40 other people waited at the La Salle stop an hour for a Blue Line headed to O'Hare. There was a CTA employee on the platform with us, with a walkie, who kept tell us "the train is one station away, and will be here any minute". She said that for an hour. A couple people missed their planes.
We all kept thinking "At this point, a cab will take longer." ANYWAY...hope it's more accurate than a human in these cases!