Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Half of IOC Members Remain Undecided?

There is a lot of info out there about the Olympics, but Sports Illustrated has a good read that interviews various IOC members. The most interesting thing in the article is a quote from an IOC VP about undecided voters:

IOC vice president Chiharu Igaya said "many" IOC members are undecided and will choose only after the cities' final presentations Friday. "The four cities are now neck-to-neck," he told the AP.

"That final presentation, yes, it's going to be crucial," said Willi Kaltschmitt, an IOC member since 1988. He said he believes that half or more of his 105 colleagues remain undecided.


Anonymous said...

Everything is lining up nicely for Madrid - especially our Mayor's lack of ethics and inability to master the official language of the Olympics: English.

Rio's midhandling of the swimming event (although I'm sure a private doner will step forward and save this event sometime before the IOC votes) and the Fenger video footage of Chicago's youth at their finest being broadcast all over the planet will tip this in Madrid's favor.

Per a friend in London, at the same time the Fenger video is being shown by European news outlets, live shots of 10,000+ partying in the streets of Madrid in support of the bid are also shown. They also broadcast the Olympic symbol being ripped down in Daley Plaza last night and set on fire in the eternal flame.

Chicago may place 3rd in this vote.

Sloopy said...

so you think Madrid is going to win?

Rio in second? Chicago Third? and Tokyo second?

or am misreading your comment?

Anonymous said...

My feeling is Madrid will win, Chicago 2nd, Rio 3rd, Tokyo last. Toyko might have fared better had it not hosted prior and had '08 not been in China. I'm picking Madrid because I think all the Rio backers will vote for it over Chicago once Rio gets knocked out in second round. I hope I'm wrong though - I'd love to see the games here.

lance Uppercut said...

Chicago has such a convoluted opinion of itself in relation to the World Stage. A large portion of the planet still associates this city with Al Capone and gangster-related violence/corruption.

Our mayor opens his mouth and further solidifies just about every negative stereotype IMO.

Anonymous said...

We will see, so you people say Madrid remember 2012 will be London :-) So two Euro city back to back I seriously doubt it maybe Tokyo.
By the way the US sponsors make more money for the Olympics about 25% of the entire games in case you people did not know and finally the Olympics have a much higher revenue for the IOC when hosted in the US and more ticket sales.
If Chicago is as corrupted as you people make it seem then guess what the IOC have already been paid LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Right now there are tens of thousands partying in the streets of Madrid, 100,000+ on Copacabanna beach in Rio, and 10 hippies in Daley Plaza vandalizing Olympic banners. If you were an undecided IOC voting member, who would you vote for?

Anonymous said...

If I were undecided IOC voting member, I'd vote for the city recommended by the first awesome supremely powerful leader in the world. Especially, if the powerful leader shakes my hand and says "hi, CHICAGO rocks!".

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen the NO GAMES people ? Here is a link to their pictures and story of their arrest :

GO CHICAGO 2016 !!

Anonymous said...

I think your opinion is right.
Though treatment to IOC members is banned, Korea sent money and girls to FIFA members and got joint holers of W-cup of soccer.
Those members are usually former athletes and more energetic than ordinary people.
So, such operation is effective.
Then, if Tokyo after Beijing 2008 is unacceptable, Madrid is worse.
Btw, Chicago has the least attraction for tourists, doesn't it?