Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Retail Action on Michigan Avenue?

Yesterday we went to dinner at Ma & I and as we were walking down Michigan Avenue we noticed some building activity in the vacant retail unit between Homemade Pizza Co. and the new store Entourage Man. We did some searching on the interwebs, but couldn't find any business permits for the location. However, on the door they had a permit for the build-out of a bathroom. Upon looking in it looks like two enclosed rooms are being built. Does anyone have any information on this one?

Also, there looks to be some movement in another vacant retail spot within the Michigan Avenue Tower building (1250 S. Michigan). The spot is next to cleaners and you can clearly see into the building, but it still doesn't look like much has been built. There are some materials in there though.

In other Michigan Avenue retail news, the Chicago Journal has an article about the two new grocers on Michigan Avenue, Sky Grocer and South Loop Market.


Anonymous said...

Please don't be another doctor's office, denist office, or pet store!

Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago, on that vacant 1250 retail space, I think I saw a post card sized advertisement for an art related/gift shot type store.

Dad-to-be said...

The spot at 1250 S. Michigan is going to be a Halo (men's salon). Check their Web site...I think it says coming in October.

Brad said...

Actually the Halo is going into the space at 1351 S Michigan, per their website. This is the space between Entourage and HomeMade Pizza Co.