Friday, September 25, 2009

Trump Tower Serves as Striking Backdrop on Wabash Avenue

Yes, the Trump Tower isn't in the Sloop but it still looms large over one specific street, Wabash. Anytime you walk north on Wabash, it's nearly impossible not to notice the Trump Tower in the distance.

Although we don't claim to be architectural geniuses, it still looks impressive to us (albeit not in our top 5 favorite Chicago Skyscrapers). Today, Blair Kamin (of the Cityscape Chicago Tribune blog) takes a look at the architectural attributes of the finished Trump Tower. He goes onto to say that the best view is from Wabash Avenue:

Indeed, this skyscraper is at its most convincing when it is viewed in fragments rather than as a whole, or from angles that conceal its bulk.

From Wabash Avenue, its sides seemingly sheared off by the buildings on either side of the street, the tower bursts into view — taut, thin and elegant. Like the Chicago Board of Trade Building, it takes full advantage of its unusual site, which makes it appear to rise from the middle of the street.

Although the picture to the right is taken further north in the Loop, a similar picture is seen when walking north on Wabash anywhere in the Sloop. Again, not the best skyscraper in the city but it helps paint a unique 'picture' that adds to the backdrop while walking around in our neighborhood.

(image from Chicago Tribune)


Unknown said...

I choose to "view" this building as the New Sun Times Skyscraper... avoiding having to utter the developer's name.

Jonathan Michael Johnson said...

I prefer the Trump in the stages before it was completed - before the top few stories were snubbed. Then, it still had potential to be a unique structure - now it's virtually the same height as the SOB building and falls into the cityscape too easily - maybe someday Trump will make ammends...

It's visible - in this unfinished state - in this print of mine.

Sloopy said...

I'm with you Michael...nobody really likes trump.

JJ, great picture! the other pictures looked amazing as well.