Friday, September 4, 2009

We Want Your Input!

It's been just under a year since we launched the site and we're proud to say Sloopin is going strong. However, we're always looking for tips, suggestions and ideas to help us improve the site.

With that said, we would love for you to either post a comment or send us an email at to let us know what you want.

It can be as simple as telling us what type of content you would like to see more of or it could be as complex as changes/improvements to the site (like new sections, features, etc.). Also, don't hold back on the criticism. Are there things you don't like or would like us to stop doing?

We can't promise to implement all the changes, but we will try our best to continue to evolve the site to meet the needs of the neighborhood and our readers.

Thanks for the support thus's been a fun ride and we truly appreciate all the comments, emails, videos and pictures you've sent us! Keep it up!


Scrumpy said...

I really enjoy the restaurant suggestions and info on other local businesses.

Anonymous said...

My favorite content are the news about new businesses or current places closing. I don't particular like the editorialization of news, of course this may be just because I tend to disagree with the author.

Keely Moriarty said...

I love the site! I just moved to the sloop and frequently check out sloopin to see what is new! I also enjoy the news about opening and closing businesses. I like it all :)

narrowback said...

as a 16 year resident of the south loop I think you're doing a great job... your scope seems broad enough to offer something to everyone.

I disagree with the negative comment about editorializing. The resultant debate/discussion can be productive

Anonymous said...

Love the input on new commercial openings in the neighborhood.

A little too heavy on the olympic coverage.

Sloopy said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments! We're always looking to improve the site, so if you ever think of something that could better let us know!