Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chillaxin at M Lounge

Every so often you stumble upon something that makes you feel good and that was the case this past weekend in Sloop. After a solid dinner at Zapatista (we had some great Margaritas and a huge portion of Fajitas), we decided to get a couple after dinner drinks at M Lounge (1520 S. Wabash). We've heard great things about the place but for some reason have never ventured over to the spot.

We're definitely glad we did. Although it was relatively early and the place was pretty empty it allowed us a chance to chat with the incredibly nice bartender. He gave us his Martini recommendations, a rundown of the M Lounge's vibe and his thoughts on the South Loop neighborhood.

The general decor was what you would expect from a lounge; low sofas, subdued lighting and solid music gently playing over the speakers. The bar is impressive with any liquor you would want and it sure seemed as if there specialty was Martinis. We opted to test the Martini menu and was pleasantly surprised (although one of us isn't a huge Martini person). We went with a Orange Dreamsicle Martini which tasted as would be expected and the recommended Espresso Martini which tasted like a drink you would find at your favorite coffee spot. Both were solid.

For the second round we were intrigued but a little apprehensive about the 'Gummy Bear' Martini. We asked the bartender about his thoughts and he said it actually tasted like a gummy bear. Again, as advertised it tasted like the candy. Also, for those of you who are into presentations this drink was served with three gummy bears on a black toothpick, which was cute.

Men, if we just lost credibility due to you gaging on the 'cute' reference, please don't hold that against M Lounge. We promise you will like the place and the incredibly sexy picture of a half naked women in the Men's bathroom with a great rear.

Anyway, it's a great spot and something we will definitely be going back to. And if you're into music they have live Jazz every Tuesday and Wednesday and a 'jazzy type DJ' every other Thursday.

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