Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rio's 2014 World Cup Touted as an Advantage in Quest for the 2016 Olympics?

Take that with a grain of salt, but it's an argument that Brazilian Sports and Olympic officials are touting. According to an article on today:
"The 2014 World Cup is an important part of Rio de Janeiro's bid," Rio de Janeiro state governor Sergio Cabral told the IOC members on Wednesday. "The improvements in accommodation, security and transportation will be useful for both events."
While these points are valid, Governor Cabral is forgetting another factor: Ego. Let's not forget that the world of international sports is driven by some huge personalities. Would the Olympic movement really want to come to Rio/Brazil two years after arguably the second largest international sporting event, the World Cup?

There is precedent for the World Cup to follow the Olympics, but not vice versa (or as far as we could tell). It's impossible to know how IOC officials feel about this, but we imagine it's something that they do consider.

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