Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IOC Wraps Up Chicago Bid Inspection

So the 13 member IOC evaluation committee finally wrapped up it's big visit to Chicago to "kick the tires" of the city's plan for the Olympics. It was four long days of Mayor Daley, Chicago Big Hitters and various other people pitching the IOC on why Chicago would be a great host in 2016. From most indications, it seems like it went pretty well. The chairwoman called the city 'vibrant' and said she understood and liked the 'vision of the bid' and 'how it was centered in the heart of the city'.

However, it's hard to get a good sense of how they really feel since they have to put a good spin on everything at this point. There will be many news stories tomorrow and we will post anything we fell is interesting.

If you have some time you can check out the IOC's press conference today about their impressions and feelings about Chicago's bid here.

The IOC committee now goes off to Tokyo to check out their bid followed by Rio then Madrid. We will keep you posted on any interesting developments coming out of those evaluations.

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